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  Lt. Commander N'Tazzia, SD
Yellow Alert in the….Disco? (JDL -Rek'kas and Ruwan)

USS  Excelsior  201810.08



JDL - Yellow Alert in the....Disco?

When working in the bar and yellow alert was sounded all the federation personnel  quickly headed for the exit. He and Rek'Klas could breath. The barker secured the liquor cabinet while Ruwan cleaned up the mess left by the hastily exiting crew personnel

“So now what?” he asked his boss when they finished cleaning. Thinking as a captain would again he asked the Barkeep “Do you have med cots and a few med kits in the back room or anything to help in a boarding situation? Any weapons or defensive equipment like a portable field generator.

He was unaware of the holo emitters around the room that were deployed to make redecorating the room simple or even could convert the forward lounge into an emergency shelter if necessary.

Rek'klas looked at him like he had two heads.

“When things go all yellow or red and the Fleeter's file out, I usually fix myself up a nice targ steak and a tall cuppa prune juice, then I put my feet up and watch some holo-vids. For protection, I have this.”

She bent and reached below the bar and came back up with a wicked looking Klingon dagger.

“It's not regulation and I figure your new pal Commander Carishai would have it  confiscated if she saw it, but it's quite effective as a peace-keeper.” She ran an appreciative finger along the blade.  “She's all I've ever needed.” Rek'klas slid the weapon back into its hiding spot.

“You know I think that you might be onto something.  You haven't seen how the holo-simulations can change the look of the place have you?” She asked, then announced. “Computer, make 12-Forward into The Rendezvous.”.

The interior fizzled away and was replaced by a late 1970's style discotheque complete with DJ booth, neon lighted floors, and a spinning silver globe with multiple mirrored facets. The lights were low  and lasers streaked across the room as The Night on Disco Mountain by David Shire rang out  from the speakers with a very foreboding set of horns and strings announcing the piece of music that had been converted from the Night on Bald Mountain which was a classical piece he was familiar with. “I've never heard this version.” the Romulan  responded but if we go to red these laser lights should be shutdown - we should go black like during the British Blitz.”

Rek'klas went back to staring at Ruwan as if he were two-headed.

“I had no idea that the Rihannsu educational system was so……cosmopolitan.  Heck, I've had eight or so years with nothing much to do when I'm off but read what's in LCARS...and you're still speaking in tongues to me. All I know is that The Rendezvous is a disco." She put her hands out palms up and shrugged.

The music changed and “Kung Fu Fighting” blared out.

“Hey Mr. Know-it-all, is that supposed to be some sort of musical combat?” She queried. “I keep meaning to look it up every time I hear it, but I always forget.

Ruwan just chuckled.  “You might want to look up the music video that goes along with it too.”


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