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  Lieutenant J.g. Sierra Gar, SD
When the Looking Glass Breaks... Part Three
Back on board the Excelsior, the crew was working hard to try and repair the damage sustained during their engagement with three of the smaller ships. All hands were busy focussing on repairs. Space around them seemed quiet... until April caught something out of the corner of her eye.

But by then it was too late.
One of the three remaining ships exploded before everyone's eyes. Given the Excelsior's damaged state, doing anything would be difficult.
The second vessel was transformed into a glowing fireball in space.
The Excelsior shook violently, knocking crew members off their feet as they were hit by the first shockwave.
Gar and Tane managed to stay firmly in place, but Captain Westmore wasn't so lucky. The force of the wave managed to knock her off balance and she crashed to the floor, hitting her head off the deck and falling unconscious.
Sierra tapped the comm panel. "Sickbay, this is Gar. Captain Westmore is down. I'm initiating an emergency transport."

“Acknowledged, Bridge,” Dr. Varok, the Excelsior’s chief medical officer, called out. He knew he didn’t have to tell them where to transport the commanding officer as there was always one bio-bed that was supposed to be left empty just for this instance.
In the Excelsior’s medical ward the staff was moving quickly from a hastily set up triage area to the bio-beds and back again. Dr. Varok was busy working on one of the casualties. “Dr. Trinn,” he calmly called out. “Take over here, I shall attend to the captain.”

They younger doctor moved to take Varok’s place. Varok went immediately to the captain’s bio-bed, shedding his gloves along the way. As the captain shimmered onto the bed, Varok immediately started scanning her. A quick adjustment of a hypo-spray, and an injection, brought the captain’s vitals to a stable point. He then started scanning the head wound. What Varok saw in the readings was not good news. The captain had fallen, hard. As did several other patients who had just walked in to sickbay when the third shockwave hit. They'd be out of commission for a while.
Things were getting ugly on the bridge. Tane had reported to Gar a quite long list of now damaged systems. The new Excelsior was tough, but even she couldn't withstand THREE shockwaves at close range. But it wasn't over.
"What's the status of the shields?" Gar asked Tane, clearly annoyed.
Tane checked her console and shook her head. "Nonexistent," she remarked simply.
Turning to the helm, Sierra responded with, "Get us out of..." but the ship shook. Violently.
"We're not going anywhere, now," Tane remarked. "The impulse drive just took a hit. Engineering hasn't completed repairs on the warp engines, so we're dead in the water... and we're not going anywhere, any time soon."
Sierra didn't think things could get any worse when the hail came in from the Horizon, which Tane announced. She had no idea how wrong the future would prove her.

The I.S.S. Horizon:
Lt. Harris looked with satisfaction at the tactical console. The Federation ship had been incapacitated. They were just now waiting for them to respond to the hail. He already had two boarding teams ready to transport over to the Federation ship and secure it.
It took several long moments. Then an image flickered into existence on the viewer. The image was fuzzy. But it looked like... could it be? Sierra was staring, at herself. The Excelsior's XO, for her part, seemed surprised to say the least, but managed to collect herself after only a second or two.
"This is Commander G---"
But Sierra cut her Federationer self off. "Oh, I can guess who you are," she crooned. "I know who you are. You're me. But what I don't know anything about is that ship of yours. And I'd like to." Sierra stared at her Starfleet self intimidatingly, but the Starfleet woman clearly wouldn't back down. That was no surprise. But she wouldn't, either.
"For instance..." Gar continued. "That fancy little drive system of yours. We have nothing like it. I don't suppose you'd be willing to... share some technological data?"
The Starfleet woman on the other end of the viewer shook her head. "Not a chance."
At this, Sierra's tone changed somehow. She was still calm, but there was a hint of deadliness seeping in to her voice. "Not even if it saved your life? The lives of your crew?"
The Starfleet officer shook her head firmly. "I'll destroy this ship before I hand over Federation technology to a hostile force. If you're me, then you know I'm not bluffing."
Sierra gave a cruel, wicked laugh and spoke in a quiet, yet harsh tone. "Oh how well I know. How well I know."
She looked to Harris. "Now. You lead."
With that, Sierra cut the transmission, and waited for victory.
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