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  Commander Carishai & Lieutenant J.g. Sierra Gar, SD
The Inspection - DL: Commander Carishai and Lt Sierra Gar
The Inspection
DL: Commander Carishai and Lt Sierra Gar

(This continues right after the last sim)

The first officer considered the younger woman's assessment of the status of engineering. "Is there anything out of place?"

Sierra shook her head, examining everything around her like a cat searching for a mouse. Engineering appeared well kept, nothing out of place and a place for everything. She did a walk about before shaking her head. "Physically, everything seems as it should," she remarked. "As for the systems, the warp drive seems in perfect order."

Cari nodded.  She was pleased with Lt Gar's report.  "What type of injuries are most common in this area?"

Sierra thought for a second. "During a normal day, more than likely simple bumps and bruises from working in a small space, dropping equipment, etc. However, plasma burns and radiation exposure from the warp core are also possible, should something go wrong."

The XO nodded again.  "What would you think about doing some of your "second shifts" down here?"

Again, Sierra thought. She glanced around, observing various crew members hard at work. "It might be interesting to branch out," she thought out loud. "Though I've primarily been eyeing the center chair during the night watch, if I'm being completely honest. I think the experience would be great to have. Working down here though as well could prove to hold its own benefits, though."

"A Captain should strive to be more than passingly familiar with all areas of her ship.  Spending time  in each department not only  gives you that, but it offers insights you can never learn from a PADD or a holo-sim.  Does the warp-core sound right?  Is that smell normal?  Is this a self-sealing stem-bolt? Some day, your ship's welfare may depend on you knowing those things."

Sierra nodded in agreement. "That, too. Again, it sounds like being posted down here from time to time might be an interesting challenge." She smirked at Cari slightly and winked. "And you know how much I enjoy a challenge, I believe. No?"

Cari chuckled lightly.  "I'll ask Commander Wolfe if he can fit you in a couple of shifts a week.  Engineering is a great place to challenge oneself.  Played Velocity lately?  Seems that would be right up your alley."

Sierra chuckled softly and shook her head. "Admittedly, no. I never actually did. I was more for darts. It was one of the few games anyone knew how to play with the limited resources we had available."

"Darts?"  Cari's eyes glittered with curiosity. "I've never played.  Are you up to teaching me how?

Sierra smiled softly and nodded. "I'd love to," she remarked. She glanced off to the side for a moment, seeming to just watch the warp core pulse with fascination before looking back at Cari. She thought to herself, ~The only downside of working in engineering would probably be losing some of the beauty once I know how things work more.~  But she shrugged that thought off.

"My dart's lesson first, then I'll see about getting in touch with Commander Wolfe."


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