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  Captain Michael Holden, Commander Zarian Lobren, Helen Waite, SD
"Out From the Green" JDLFW: Joint log

“Out From the Green”

JPL: Commander Lobren, Ensign Waite, Maverick & Ensign Tavek (Holden)

Many light years from the Excelsior's current position


If he weren't Vulcan, this green infiniteness would have driven him mad by now.  How long had they, and he knew despite not seeing them that he was not alone, been in this green haze? Ensign Tavek, once the science officer aboard Starbase 295, had tried his best  to keep track of time, but even he had lost track eventually. How long had they been in here, days, weeks, months?


There had been one time when he thought he had detected a telepathic presence, and he almost made contact, but it faded. There had also been a couple close contacts, but never a telepath as strong as the first time. Would someone ever come along and free them all from this …… prison? He decided it would be illogical to get overly concerned on the what ifs, and decided to concentrate on the now, and trying to find some help.


Tavek closed his eyes, and reached out his mind. Even though he, and his people, were touch-telepaths, for some reason he knew he could do this by thought alone. As he searched, he suddenly found a consciousness. No, there were two. ~~Help,~~ he sent out. ~~Please tell me you can hear me.~~


On the U.S.S. Excelsior, into Gamma shift hours


Lil Lobren was asleep in Helen's bed with MiniMav curled up protectively around him. Helen was pulling out the bed from the sleeper sofa in her quarters, getting ready for some down time herself when a pressure of desperation flooded her mind, looking for help. ~~ I hear you, where are you? ~~ She sent back to the presence, fully awake now and heading for her computer terminal so she could punch in any coordinates that the presence might be giving her to help find him. She then sent a mental message to Maverick. ~~Mav. can you come to my quarters? I might need help tracking down a  contact.~~


In Commander Zarian Lobren's quarters, Maverick had been curled up in his bed sound asleep. His head shot up and his ears came forward in full alert, as he firs thought it was a voice on the ship calling out for help. Then he wondered if he had dreamt it, but then Ensign Waite's telepathic message came through. ~~I will attempt to get to you,~~ he sent back to Waite.  While his collar was rigged to trigger door sensors and the lift doors, there still was no guarantee the wolf could get the lift to go where he wanted it to.


Maverick climbed out of his bed and went to check on Commander Lobren. The Brikar was sound asleep, but the motion of the wolf woke him.


“What's up, Mav?” Lobren asked. “Somethin' th' matter with Gar again?”


~~A telepathic cry for help,~~ Maverick sent to Lobren. ~~Ensign Waite received it also. She asked me to come to her quarters.~~


“A call for help?” Lobren asked. “From where?”


~~Unknown,~~ Maverick replied. ~~Possible location could be found if combined with Ensign Waite.~~


Lobren let out a sigh. “I didn' need ta get any sleep anyhow. C'mon.”


In the green haze……


Ensign Tavek smiled. He had actually let his control over his emotions slip at he successful contact. He quickly regained control of his emotions, knowing his father would highly disapprove of the slip.


~~I cannot tell you our location,~~ the Vulcan sent. ~~All I can tell you is I see green. Nothing but green. I assume we are traveling through space, but I cannot be certain.~~


U.S.S. Excelsior:


~~I hear you, we have found others that were caught up by the green haze and managed to return them  home. What ship are you from? Are there others with you? We'll try to rescue them too if possible.~~ Helen sent into the unknown to the one that contacted her. At least she could give him hope and, knowing their record so far with dealing with the "greenies", she was certain that the Captain would be wanting to help rescue more of the greenie's prisoners. She could hardly wait for Maverick to get to her quarters to help her search for their mysterious friend in the green haze.


The chime to her door sounded. As she bid them enter, the door slid open. Maverick trotted in first, followed by Commander Lobren.


“What th' Herdes is goin' on, Waite?” Lobren demanded. “Why am I awake at this time o' th' night?”


"Sir, I got a mental call from another telepath, I'm suspecting a Vulcan by the orderliness of his mind, asking for help. He's trapped in a green haze, the type we're so familiar with rescuing people from. He doesn't know his exact location, all he can see is green but he believes they are traveling through space though he's not sure of that. I asked Maverick to come help me try to narrow down the direction that call is coming from, so at least we'd have a direction to start from," she told the Commander as matter of factly as she could. ~~ Courage, I'll do everything I can to help you,~~ she sent to the Vulcan, letting him know he was not alone, that there were others around to try to help him.


Commander Lobren looked to the wolf. “Ya think ya can find this mook?” Maverick merely blinked at him and then turned his attention to Ensign Waite. He reached out to her, to join her mind and add to the ensign's ability.


In the green haze:

Ensign Tavek wasn't certain what had just happened. He suddenly felt the other person's presence as if she were in the haze with him. While he could not tell What ship they were in, he knew they were in a ship. Would it be enough for them to get a fix on him and the others?


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