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"After the Fall" JPL

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Commander Zarian Lobren & Commander Stacey Harris
[Stardate ]


(24 hours after the sim)


      It was the start of Beta shift the next day. Dr. Stacey Bones Harris had just left deck 13. She hadn't even been back to her quarters yet, but she knew there was one more thing she needed to get out of the way before she went home to face that music. "Computer, location of Commander Lobren?" The computer replied, "Commander Lobren is in his quarters." Bones nodded and headed that way. A couple of minutes later she was standing outside his quarters. With a deep breath, she rang the chime. When his door opened, she let herself in. She leaned against the bulkhead in his quarters and tried to look relaxed and comfortable, and not fidget-y. She looked at him, "good evening, commander. Listen, uh...the ladies tell me that I owe you quite a bit of gratitude."


The Excelsior's chief of security bent at the waist to put a large bowl of food down for Maverick. He straightened up and looked over at Bones as Maverick dug into his meal. “Yeah, I guess ya could say that,” Lobren agreed, “though ya probably owe Temple and Mara your first-born children.”


 Bones nodded, “yeah, well I spent all day bowing down to them and letting them yell at me through the world's worst headache. Anyway, one person left to deal with...Joshua. You think he knows? I haven't spoken to him. I really only intended to have one drink- you know, take the edge off the day. I don't know what happened.”


“I don' think he knows, I know he knows,” Lobren told her. “I'm jus' glad he didn' ask me too much about it. He jus' thanked me for getting' ya down here. He mentioned about th' flu-bungoo that Temple told him, but I could see th' doubt in his eyes.” The Brikar looked at her and ordered up a glass of juice for her. “Here, drink this. Ya still look like crap.”


Bones gratefully took the juice and sat down. She drank it. Her body still needed electrolytes. She sighed. "So you saw him then. Dammit. I mean dammit that he knows, not that you saw him," she stammered. "I'm really screwing up big time these days." She shook her head.


“I won't argue wit' ya there,” Lobren said. He remained by the replicator so that he wouldn't seem like he was looming over top of her. “But, I'm gonna tell ya th' same thing I told th' skipper, an' he hates that I still call him that. You need ta give yourself a break.”


He continued, “Ya find out ya're pregnant wit' twins, an' ya're instantly reminded of what that could mean for th' future. Ya deal with that all through th' pregnancy, an' then ya have complications an' have ta subject yerself  ta th' medical care of a PA --  who, by the way, I'm still ticked ya stole him from me.' ya had ta turn over sickbay ta Dr. Greene. Then ya push yourself to get back ta work instead a takin'  yer time and enjoyin' them babies. Ya can stop me anytime ya think I'm not sayin' somethin' right.”


Bones nodded and rubbed her eyes, “ no, you pretty much hit the nail on the head.” She tinkered with her empty glass of OJ. “I don't suppose you want to give me anything stronger?”


“If I was ta give ya somethin' stronger, I doubt ya'd be able ta drink anything again,” Lobren said with a grunt. “Doc, ya're one o' th' best in Starfleet. I would trust my life ta ya, if I was ever ta get injured. But, ya need ta take a big step back.  Talk ta Taz or Zuniga, hell even talk ta Waite if ya don' wanna talk ta Taz, but talk ta someone. Get rid o' all that craziness that's runnin' around in yer head an' makin' ya do stupid things.”


Bones stretched and sighed, flicking her glass across the table. “Yeah, that's easy to say. Talk to someone. Huh. This whole ship is so damn incestuous! Taz is married to the friggin captain. Zuniga is dating my nurse! My husband is the former captain...and you, well you're buddies with both captains. Just who in the hell am I supposed to fu**ing talk to?! Everyone is in everyone's business. It's ridiculous. Yeah thanks but no thanks. I'll deal with this on my own. Like I always do. It's fine.”


“Yeah?” Lobren charged. “An' how is that workin' out fer ya so far?” He held his hand up and put his thumb and forefinger very close together. “Y'are this close ta getting' some brig time, or even a full-fledged court-martial, Doc! Ya really wanna put Josh through that? No, ya ain't handlin' things. Ya also know if ya tell Taz somethin' it stays wit' her. She'd never betray ya in pillow-talk wit' the cap'n.  Ya're a part o' a crew, Doc. People here care about ya, b'lieve it or not. We ain't all lookin' ta toss ya under th' shuttle. Quit feelin' sorry fer yerself.”


Bones sat back and raised both eyebrows. As big and grumpy as Lobren was, she wasn't used to him yelling...especially at her. She folded her hands again and looked down at them. "Yeah. Ok," her voice was so low she was practically whispering, "I'll talk to one of the counselors." She stood up and looked back at him, sadly, "I guess I should get going. Thanks."


Zarian Lobren had never seen Bones look so defeated. It worried him. He moved to block her way.  “Where are ya headed now?,” the Brikar asked. Maverick had also gotten up.


She frowned and raised her eyebrow, "I thought you said I was this close to brig time....suggesting that I was not yet in the brig...but now you're blocking me from leaving??" She deftly ignored and deflected his question with one of her own.


“No,” he told her. “Ya ain't in th' brig yet. B'lieve it or not, I'm concerned for ya. I'll walk wit' ya wherever ya're goin'.”


Bones sighed and softened, “you're concerned that I'm off to do more of those stupid things you mentioned. Well, actually, I was headed back to my quarters to likely have this similar unpleasant talk with Joshua, and then go to bed to finally end this lousy day...but yes, I'd welcome you and Mav's company for the walk.”


Lobren smiled. “It'd be out pleasure, Doc.” Maverick came beside Bones and nudged her hand, his tail wagging.  Lobren activated the door senro and it slid open.


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