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  Lieutenant Zachary Zuniga & Commander Stacey Harris, SD
It Takes a Village...or at Least a Good Husband and a Friendly Counselor

It Takes a Village...or at Least a Good Husband and a Friendly Counselor

JL: Captain Joshua Trellis and Counselor

(This takes place about 24 hours after the last sim.)

Former Captain Joshua Trellis walked in the office door of Counselor Zuniga. He smiled warmly and shook the other man's hand. At prompting, he sat down and began. "Thanks, Zach, so much for agreeing to see me. I know this isn't really your specialty, and technically I'm a passenger not a crew member right now....but..." He put his hands up and tried to keep on his friendly demeanor, "...like I said, not really your purview, but since there's not a marriage counselor on board..." He drifted off to let Zach pick up his train of thought. He really didn't know where to turn and was looking for any insight he could get. This was new territory to him, and Bones would be pissed if she found out he came...but the woman was being unreasonable when it came to everything these days...and he supposed he was just looking for a friendly ear and for someone to tell him that this too will pass.

Zuniga smiled. "Don't worry about technicalities....I've never been the formal sort anyway." He paused. "Are you and Dr Harris having problems?" He asked.

Joshua Trellis stood up and started pacing. “I think so. Yes. I mean yes. I guess. At least I think we are, I don't know what she thinks. She didn't come home last night. Your ...girlfriend told me that she had the flu- but I don't know. I don't know what to think anymore. She's...unsettled, grumpy, I don't think she's been eating or sleeping much. But she has been drinking, and fighting as you know. She's irritable. This all got worse a few days after the twins were born. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm not being as caring as I should be. Maybe I'm not being a good father and husband. Maybe I'm not doing the right thing.” He sat back down.”I just don't know,” he said sadly.

"I don't believe you're doing anything wrong. But having Dr. Harris as my patient will make resolving this conundrum a bit tricky, but there is a way we can figure some of this out. I need you to put yourself in your wife's shoes. Start by imagining how restless she must have been while stuck at home forced to be on light duty..."

Trellis nodded, "Yeah, she certainly doesn't like to be told she can't do something, especially work."

Zuniga nodded, "Now, close your eyes and go deeper, really get into her head-space and consider that the twins were premature, they can't come home and have to stay in sickbay and she's still recovering herself only allowed a few hours of work a day..." He let his voice trail off and gave Trellis time to visualize and take stock of the situation that Bones found herself facing.

Trellis nodded again, “This has been hard on me, but it must be ten times more so for her.” He opened his eyes and looked at Zuniga. “What should I do? I'm trying to be there for her, I really am...but I think she's choosing to find coping mechanisms elsewhere.”

Zuniga replied, "You aren't required to be a tough guy or stoic like a Vulcan, just be yourself and keep being there for her. It's no secret that, even though she likes to put up a good front, Bones is nowhere near as tough as she pretends to be. She's feeling like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, and she's scared -- for George and Gracie's future and what they could mean for the fate of the universe, plus part of that nightmare scenario includes the two of you splitting up. Pretty much the only things you have any control over is picking up any slack with the babies' care that might occur, and that all important last part -- keep reassuring her that you're not going to abandon your marriage, even if she is distant, behaves badly or works until she passes out."

Josh nodded, “That's good advice. I'm glad I came in. She and I are in this together and I'm not abandoning that. I will tell her so. Make her believe it. I appreciate this. I wish she could also find the benefit in talking to someone.”

Zuniga nodded thoughtfully, "She does, but she's never, ever, going to let on. I suspect her latest...flu...or whatever it is....is at least partly due to her feeling silly about or embarrassed to have gotten into that mess with Rek'klas. Just keep telling her that you aren't going anywhere for the rest of your lives or at least until you are grandparents." Zach grinned. "When she's a bit more settled and recovered, Mara and I would love to have the two of you and the babies over for dinner. She and Mara are a lot more alike than they know. Mara can be such a..." Zach coughed loudly. "...itch...but when it comes to kids, she just melts."

Trellis chuckled, "Yes they are a lot alike, that's why they get along- they don't take crap from each other, or anyone for that matter. I spoke to Mara last night when she called me to tell me that Bones wouldn't be home. No matter what is going on, she obviously cares for my wife and I appreciate that Bones instills that kind of loyalty in her friends and co-workers. I know she sometimes pisses off the pencil-pushers, but the boots on the ground type would likely follow her anywhere." Here his proud smile faltered a bit, "However, whatever camaraderie she has with this crew- it's not going to do her any favors in the captain's eyes. I'm pretty good friends with Commander Lobren- who has the captain's ear; and I get the sense that Captain Holden has just about had it with Stacey's...well, antics, for lack of a better word. Every time that I try to tell her she needs to be a bit more careful and not piss off the big boss, it causes a fight. Like I said, she doesn't like being talked down to or preached at, as she says."

Zuniga assuaged his fears, "Stacey is a smart lady and she probably has a good sense of how far she can push things. Plus, you and I will be keeping an eye on her and we have her back. And when Taz returns, she'll find my assessment of the entire situation waiting for her. She will do everything she can to help keep Stacey from spinning out of control."

Trellis smiled for real again and stood up, "I appreciate that...my wife, she takes a village to keep her out of trouble," he shook his head in mock exasperation, "I feel a lot better. Thanks Zach." He extended his hand.

Zach stood as well and accepted Trellis' hand, giving him a strong shake before clasping his left hand around the right. "Starfleet's loss is definitely Bone's gain." He said with a chuckle. "I hope that you'll stick around and do some consulting or whatever from the Excelsior for a while, Bones needs you of course, but the two of us...well we can sure use the support as well."


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