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"The Doctor is NOT In..." PL by Bones, Temple, and cameo by Mara

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Commander Stacey Harris
[Stardate ]

The Doctor is NOT In...

       Nurse Kristi Temple looked up from her rounds as her boss walked in. She knew the CMO was limited to 3 hour work days here in sickbay, and was also putting in a few community service hours at the nursery school. Temple felt for her boss. She certainly understood the punishment- she had heard the whole story, and it was warranted. Still, Dr. Harris didn't mean any harm. In fact, she'd never intentionally hurt anyone. She just let anger overcome her that day last week in 12 Forward. Mara was friends with Rekk'las, and Nurse Temple couldn't understand it. She's heard Rekk'las be rude and flat out mean and abrasive in the past...she wasn't really surprised when she heard about the fight 7 days ago. From what she heard about the rumble, the CMO was called to the Captain's office that day. 2 days later she was in the counselor's office, and hadn't been to sickbay at all. The next day, she did come in here and started working again, 3 hours a day...and seeing her kids, still sporting an impressive shiner which she wouldn't let anyone treat. Yesterday she came in whistling and seemed to be in a happy mood- was even enjoying the few hours a day she put in at the nursery school. However, today the doc seemed off- walked straight past Temple without a word and went to the files to read about the current goings-on in sickbay. "Good afternoon, Doc. How was school this morning?," Temple asked.

    Bones replied a bit tersely, "fine." Temple nodded. "Your eye looks much better today, almost completely healed." Bones didn't reply. Temple tried again, "Your kiddos are doing well. They are sleeping now, but were quite smiley this morning," Temple smiled too. Bones nodded again not taking her eyes off the chart, "I know, I popped in before heading to the school this morning to see them. They did seem happy." Temple nodded again when it seemed the CMO was not going to continue, but then she finally did. "Well, this all looks good. Well done, Nurse." With that, the Doctor retreated into her office and closed and locked the door. Temple shrugged and continued on with her work.

    Four hours later Nurses Temple and Mara headed back out into the main ward to do the 1700 end of alpha shift duty report. They were giggling and chatting amiably with each other, when Temple stopped and pointed at the wooden door. "Mara, did you see Dr. Harris leave? She was supposed to be off an hour ago." Granted, the doctor did shut the door when she was out, but Temple could clearly see the light on. Mara shook her head. Temple figured she left the light on, maybe. Still, she went to the door and knocked. No response. She tried the handle but it was locked. She looked at Mara who simply looked back and shrugged. Temple put her ear to the door and then stepped away and wrinkled her nose. A normal Starfleet issue door keeps out smells, but an old fashioned wooded door with a crack on the bottom did not completely keep out the smell of strong whiskey. Temple looked around sickbay, and seeing it was clear- motioned to Mara. "Come here. Smell."

Mara made a face. Temple tried to knock again. No answer. She was the only one that knew where the emergency spare key was (other than the captain and engineering), so she went to the locked medicine cabinet in the pharmaceutical lab and felt along the underside of the second shelf for the office key that was taped there. She retrieved it and went back to the CMO’s office where Mara was still standing. She sighed. She knew what they would find. She hoped she was wrong. She wasn’t. The two women unlocked the office door, went inside, and closed and locked it behind them. Temple sighed, “well I guess 9 months was all we were going to get of sobriety.” The CMO was slumped over her desk snoring, head on her hands. Temple went around to one side of the desk and looked in the recycler. She found an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, “ah, the old standby- her buddy Jack.” Mara went to go get some air freshener out of the cabinet and kicked another smaller empty bottle, “oh and look- his cousin Jim Beam.”

Temple shook her head. “Dammit. What do we do now? What do we tell the Captain and Lobren and Dr. Greene, and her husband for heaven’s sake? Why does she put us in this awful position?? Ugh. Here, come help me get her on the couch.”

TBC in sim...

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