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"A New Suspect" JPL

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Commander Zarian Lobren & Captain Rhea Janseen
[Stardate ]


“A New Suspect”

JPL: Lt. Intenuar (Lobren) & Lt. Commander A'lthere (Capt. Janseen)


The area of the Starfleet Academy science labs that Lt. Intenuar had been working in was cordoned off from the rest of the lab with portable walls. A protective forcefield had also been set up, biologically tuned to only three signatures, Intenuar's, Lt. Commander A;lthere's and Lt. Sinclaire's.. Lt. Intenuar sat with a triumphant look on his face.


The sound of the forcefield being interrupted came to Intenuar's ears. He turned and saw Lt. Commander A'lthere enter. The Academy security chief had a hopeful look on his face.


“What have you got, Lieutenant?” A'lthere asked.


“Your saboteur,” Intenuar replied. He turned back to the computer and pulled up some data. “Now, we searched through the security footage for the shuttle bay and from the surrounding buildings.”


“Right,” A'lthere said, “and we found they'd all be doctored to reveal no one.”


“Exactly,” Intenuar agreed. “So, I queried the sensors from Starbase 001. I concentrated on sensor readings from the time we learned that the recordings were tampered with.”


A'there looked at the sensor data. He could easily see the buildings, and knew which ones were which. S sensor dot appeared leaving the shuttle building.


“Well we know someone was there,” A'lthere commented. “But, there isn't even any data as to who that was.”


“Only because these are more passive scans,” Intenuar said. “If they had any reason to concentrate scans we would have more data.”


“So, we see the perp moving, but……”


“But wait,” Intenuar interrupted. “I followed the perp's progress across the campus. Most of the recordings from the buildings he passed were also tampered with.”


“But you found one,” A'lthere guessed.


“I did,” Intenuar confirmed. “Our perpetrator decided to go to the administration building, which I'm sure you know……”


“Is locked out with extra encryption,” A'lthere finished.


“Exactly. So, I cross matched the time frames and pulled up the Admin Building's recordings and,…… “ The science officer tapped in a command on the interface and a clear image of a young male cadet entering the building appeared. “…… wa-la!”  He tapped in another command. The image frozed and the screen split into two images. The second half portrayed the cadet's information.


“Cadet Aaron Roger,” A'lthere read aloud.


To be continued in sim……

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