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"Awkward Welcome" JPL

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Ensign T'Radt
[Stardate ]

"Awkward Welcome"
JPL: Ensigns T'Radt & M'Teroa

Alpha shift had come to an end.  The Beta shift officers all arrived on time and relieved their alpha shift counterparts. Ensign T'Radt filled his counterpart in on their current course and heading, then walked to the turbo-lift. He was about to order the lift to his deck when he saw Ensign M'Terow headed his way. He held the lift for her.


M'Terow was relieved to leave the bridge after her first shift manning the science console. She'd been torn between nerves and pride as she sat there trying to focus on the job at hand while the Captain greeted her and others introduced themselves. She'd hoped to make a quiet trip alone back to her quarters but such was not to be. As she crossed the bridge to the turbo-lift she saw the Helmsman standing there, holding the lift for her. She felt like turning around and running away but there was nowhere to go without signalling her discomfort. So she stepped up on powerful legs, nodded to him, and said as briskly as she could, 'Deck... twelve."


“deck eleven,” T'Radt said, allowing the lift doors to close and the car to be on its way. With a slight sniff, T'Radt could tell the new science officer was nervous. He didn't want her to be uncomfortable, so he simply kept his eyes trained forward. His tail swished easily.


Somewhat relieved they were not both going to the same place, M'Terow said, "Thank you," and tried to say something reasonably friendly. In her customary low tone she added: "Big ship, still finding my way around." Truth be told she had not expected to find another Caitian here... stupid really, they served all over the Federation, of course she'd meet others. For a moment she considered how sad it was she was more comfortable with humans than her own people. She was aware of his presence beside her. Black fur, gold eyes. Taller than she. Eyes like hers. She reached up to check that her combadge was straight and absentmindedly continued the movement, running a paw over her tidy mane.


“It is a big ship,” T'Radt agreed. “I like your mane.” His line of Caitians did not have the mane surrounding their head.


M'Terow cast around in her mind for something to say. She did not want to appear unfriendly. Yet not too friendly. Professional. Yes. Professional. "I studied Flight Control myself and hope that on occasion I might be allowed to take the Helm, it's fascinating how it all works together. I did a paper on warp drive in my first year at Academy. I believe there are some improvements coming. I suppose there always are," her low tone was soft.


T'Radt's tail looped lightly. “Flying at warp isn't half as thrilling as taking her in to a slip-stream corridor,” he said to her. The Excelsior, well over a year ago had been upgraded with a quantum slip-stream drive, as were more and more ships in the fleet. “It is a shame I know just about nothing of the science console, but I'm sure the captain will let you get time in at the helm.”


The lift stopped and the doors swished open. “Well, this is me,” T'Radt said. “Nice talk, and welcome once again to the ship.”


"Thank you," she said, watching through the doors, which quickly closed again, taking her to deck twelve where she would force herself to get a tea and relax. The turbo seemed empty without his presence.


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