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  Lieutenant J.g. Sierra Gar & Lieutenant J.g. Sierra Gar, SD
JDL: When the Looking Glass Breaks... Part Two
Login The Horizon was taking a real beating from the rebel forces. Her commander had been killed in an earlier assault, leaving Sierra in charge... and she was none too happy about the situation. She was pondering what moves to make just as the ship's sensors alerted the crew on the bridge to another ship incoming. An unfamiliar ship. A very advanced craft... and moving way, way faster than should even be possible. It was barely even within sensor range... but it was definitely no ghost ship.


“We have incoming,” reported Lt. Logan Harris. He was the chief tactical and enforcement officer aboard the Horizon. He stroked the reddish-orange goatee which matched the hair on his head that he kept cut in The approved style of the imperial fleet. He proceeded to relay to the new captain, what his sensors revealed of the new bogey. His fingers moved across the tactical console as he fired another round of torpedoes on the current attackers. “Thus far I cannot identify it as anything we have encountered before. 'm not so sure we can take on another attacker, though.”


Sierra growled. "Keep a close eye on it, but right now we have bigger problems. Come about." She turned her head slightly. "We still have the overcapacity units installed on the phaser array, do we not?"


As Sierra spoke, the vessel which had just come into sensor range seemed to decelerate suddenly, simply holding position. It hung in space, barely readable, immobile. After a few more seconds the weapons fire on the Horizon dwindles significantly as three of the rebel vessels broke off their assault, and headed towards the new arrival.


“It seems some of our …€Â˜friends' like the new guest better,” Harris commented. He engaged the o.C.U.-phasers and fired at the remaining rebel ships. “The other ship is hanging back a distance. I can't get a good scan on it.”


Sierra nodded slowly as Harris crippled one of the three rebels, disabling it. She turned to the ops station. "Set the sensors on automatic on whatever that thing out there is," she demanded. "I wanna get as much information on it as possible." Then she turned back to Harris. "Disable all three of them. Engines and defensive systems. I want to pick them off... slowly."


Sierra smirked. "We'll leave the last one drifting... as a lesson."


Harris growled this time. “Too soft. The only lesson they should get is other rebel ships coming out and picking up the little pieces we leave behind.”


Despite his personal feeling, Harris did as the captain ordered and merely disabled the ships. He looked at the young ops officer, and shook his head. What kind of example is she showing him, he thought to himself.


Ensign Michael Holden,  Jr. sat at the OPS console. He was fresh out of the war academy and was also questioning the new captain's decision to not simply obliterate the rebel ships. The Horizon was not his first choice of ships, but he also knew they would not let him serve aboard his father's ship, the I.S.S. Ravager. Tapping the console, Holden checked the power status of the ship and then looked to the status of the ships just struck by the Horizon's weapons.


"Now now, Mr. Harris. I know what you're thinking," Sierra said, before glancing about. "I want that last ship left drifting, because I want a boarding party to take control of the other two vessels. They'll broadcast the execution of the crews for all to see, before we... deal with, the remaining crew. We'll leave the third vessel behind to act as a transmitter of what has transpired here."


Harris merely nodded, but there was still doubt in his eyes. “As you say, Captain,” he replied. “What about the other ship? The new arrival?”


"They're more valuable in one piece... at least... for now. Use as many resources as you need. I want those answers." Then she looked to the view screen. "Are they close enough to get a visual?"


"Affirmative," Harris replied. He tapped the console and the other ship appeared on the screen. Another tap of the console and the magnification was increased to its maximum to give them a better look at the ship. Although it was difficult to make out, Sierra could swear she recognized something about the ship she saw. Was it... Federation? From another universe?


Sierra looked to Harris again, studying the look on his face as she was sure he saw it too. A cold smirk crossed her face.


"Are we in their space, Or are they in ours?" Harris simply asked. "We didn't encounter any anomalous areas of space. They must be in ours."


Sierra seemed to take a moment to consider the question. "I think it's about time we found out. Broadcast a to home base," she instructed Holden. Truth be told, Sierra had been at a loss few times in her life. But this, was somehow one of them. "In the mean time, Lieutenant," she remarked to Harris, "I need those scans. Who's space we're in doesn't change the fact that we have an opportunity, now an even bigger one than ever."


Harris tapped his console and entered his command code, pulling power from other areas of the ship to enhance the sensors. He concentrated a scan beam on the strange new ship. “Do you also want to take a run at the new arrival, Sir?”


Sierra nodded once. "Yes, and a close one. Collect as much data as we can, and make it QUICK. I'm sure we all know how crafty those Federationers can be. I'm not giving them the chance to get one on us. Be precise, Mr. Harris. If given the chance, I want that ship taken back to command with us. The crew must pay for interfering in our affairs in the past, even if they assisted us this time. But command could make good use of whatever technological advancements the Federationers have made since our last encounter."


“Ay, Sir,” Harris replied. He studied the sensor data. He devised an attack plan and sent it to Gar's console. “Plan of attack is at your console, Captain.”


Sierra studied the plan as it came to her attention. Her eyes twinkled and she looked over at Harris, simply giving him the upnod as though to say, "Go."


Lt. Harris nodded, a grin coming across his face.  He charged weapons as the captain ordered the ship into motion.  As they approached the strange ship, Harris let go with a double volley of torpedoes, but they were not fired at the new ship.  Two of the three rebel ships that had gone on the offensive against the other ship were slammed into by the Horizon's torpedoes. They immediately went up in a glorious ball of fire.  The explosions caused the distraction Harris was hoping it would. He fire on the strange ship.


On the main screen the new ship's markings were now clear. It was, indeed, a Federation ship. As the Horizon came past it firing the enhanced phasers, which struck the ship's shields, the name could be clearly seen.


Captain Gar issued new evasive maneuvers as Harris target the third rebel ship, which also exploded, causing more havoc for the Federation ship. As Horizon came around again, Harris targeted their prey's engines and fired phasers.



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