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  Lieutenant Zachary Zuniga, Commander Stacey Harris, Captain Joshua Trellis, SD
Conditions JDL: Capt Trellis, Lt Cmdr Harris and Counselor Zuniga


JDL: Capt Trellis,  Lt Cmdr Harris and Counselor Zuniga

Dr. Stacey Bones Harris walked out of the bedroom in her bathrobe. It had been 3 days since her fight and subsequent meeting with the captain and Lobren. Since then she hardly left her quarters. For the past 2 days, her eye had been swollen shut, today it seemed less swollen but very purple.

Former Captain Trellis put down the PADD he was reading and winced when he saw her enter their living area. "Yikes, that looks awful."

Bones shrugged it off and went to get coffee, "Things always look worse when they're healing. It's actually better than it was, at least I can see out of it now."

She replicated her coffee and sat down on the sofa next to Joshua.He was still looking at her, "don't you think you should go to sickbay and get that looked at?" Bones shook her head, "nope, captain's orders." Now it was Trellis' turn to shake his head, "maybe he will reconsider." Bones sipped at her coffee, "I doubt it. He's being a douche." Trellis grimaced, "Don't let him hear you say that. Let me try a different tack then, don't you think you should go to sickbay then and...oh, I don't know, visit your children??" Bones shrugged, "They are doing fine, and the sickbay staff has it well in hand. They will call me if they need me...besides, seems I'm not wanted back there yet."

Trellis shifted uncomfortably, "So I take it then you haven't seen this yet?" He handed her the PADD. She read over it and started swearing. Trellis jumped in, "Oh come now...you had to expect this. Even before your little adventure in 12 forward, new parents always have to be seen by a counselor before they are cleared to go back to work. It's a rule of Starfleet life. Seems like Dr. Zuniga is holding an appointment at 1100 hours for you. Oh, and I suggest you take a sonic shower first," he wrinkled his nose. Bones flopped back on the couch dramatically and swore some more.


Over the last few months Zach had become more comfortable with his temporary assignment as co-Chief Counselor.  Even so, seeing Dr. Harris was a continued challenge. She was distrustful of psychology and psychiatry and she was whip smart, so she knew as much as any counselor.  This made doing any traditional counseling even more tricky. She was due any minute and he had not yet come up with an alternate plan.

Dr. Harris rang his chime, and he told her to enter. She was fashionably late, but she was dressed in her uniform like she didn't have a care in the world. She was not usually one to wear cosmetics, but she tried some today. It did very little to cover up the purple and black left eye she was sporting. Zach was surprised. Of course he knew about “the rumble in 12 Forward,” everyone did, but he wondered why the Chief Medical Officer did not see to treating it.

He stood to greet her and couldn't help grimacing.  " That looks painful,". He said sitting back down. "Probably at least as painful for you as being forced to see me. I'm not too happy when people are sent to see me as punishment.  We both start out from a place of negativity, which really is not productive . So just explain one thing. What caused that little rumble?”

Dr. Harris shook his hand and sat down. At least he was being understanding so far. She relayed the story to him. The same one she told to the captain, but with a little more detail as she knew this was confidential, and wouldn't get her into any more trouble.

"I see.  Well, I'm suspecting that instead of me, you may need to visit with Dr Greene or skip him and talk to Taz.  Not as a counseling session per se, but she struggled with postpartum depression herself and understands the condition first hand. I suspect you have considered the possibility that you may be suffering from the same condition."

Bones looked off to the side, “I had considered it. Listen, I will talk to both of them. Promise. But what I really need is to get back to work. You can do that for me. Will you sign off on that?”

Zach paused pondering.  He was going to just jump in.

"If Temple just had a difficult delivery, gave birth to a preemie that was still in sickbay, then went out drinking and had a fight with Rek'klas and wanted to return to duty immediately, what would you say? Be honest with yourself and me?"

Bones sat back and crossed her arms. “That's an unfair comparison.”

Zach shrugged.  "I hear that at least three times a day. And I'll tell you what I tell everyone else: Life, and counseling, are often unfair."  He said matter-of-factly, then he lowered his voice and leaned ever-so-slightly forward. "Look, I know you are still worried about the twins future. Perpetual worry and fretting won't prevent anything. There are myriad possibilities for the future in the multiverse, but the only one we have any control over is the one we live in. You, Josh and eventually George and Gracie themselves will determine what their future will be like. You need do your best to raise them to be good people and LOVE THEM.  In the end, nothing else will matter."

He sat back and sighed. He knew Bones thrived in sickbay and it was a source of stability and strength for her.  He didn't think that she was quite ready for working, but he wanted to be fair to her.

"I'll sign off on your return to work IF you promise me no more booze for now at least.  It doesn't seem to be a good mixer for your current emotional cocktail. You only spend three hours a day working in sickbay. Of course, you can be with your babies as much as you like....and if there's an emergency...well...."

"....I'll be on hand to help out. But only three hours?” Bones replied, but he looked firm. “Ok ok. I accept your terms for the time being.”

"And one more thing.  Keep your word and seek medical advice from one of your colleagues.  If Greene annoys you too much, Taz does have a psychiatry degree which allows her to prescribe medication if necessary. That and your common ground would probably feel more personal and less punitive. Now, if you should find working even three hours too much, prescribe yourself a bit less..  I'll talk to Holden and give him the details,"

Bones looked uncertain but nodded nevertheless.

"I'll spare you the platitudes.  This will get you what you want but hopefully will keep you from over-doing it.  Plus, George and Gracie need their mama. By the way, Mara thinks you're a total …€Â˜badass' for getting into a barfight with Rek'klas.  They're pretty good friends, you know. Apparently, your reputation with our barkeep has increased exponentially, as well. Despite that, I seriously don't recommend that method for making friends." He smiled amiably and waved her out.  "I'll send my report to Holden as soon as you leave."

Bones smirked and got up, headed for the door. “You know more than I do. I guess I didn't hurt her too much then?”

"Klingons consider injuries incurred in battle to be badges of honor. Dying in battle even better." He shook his finger admonishingly. "Don't get any crazy ideas." Then he laughed. "Go, see your babies.  By the time you've cooed over them for a while, you'll be cleared for your three hours of work."


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