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"Shutttle Examination"

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Commander Zarian Lobren & Captain Michael Holden
[Stardate ]


“Shuttle Examination”

PL: Lt. Intenuar (played by Lobren)


Lt. INtenuar strolled the campus of Starfleet Academy. It was still summer session, so most of the cadets were either off on the summer cruise, or on other duties. Intenuar remembered the because of his abilities with computers, he was always placed on “other duties” and never got to do the summer cruise, but that was many years ago and under a different commandant. He walked to the flight instructions building then out to the Academy's landing pad.


“Krill?” came a familiar voice. Intenuar turned to see Lieutenant Sinclaire a long-time flight instructor with the academy. He and Sinclaire had gone through the academy together. “Is that really you?”


“Really me, Ray,” Intenuar replied opening his arms wide. “I see you're still hanging around here.”


“Yeah,” Sinclaire said with a nod. “They won't let me go.”


“That's what you get for being good at your job,”” Intenuar quipped.


Sinclaire huffed and nodded. “Yeah, I suppose so.  What brings you here? Don't tell me you're nostalgic.”


“No,” the science officer said with a smile. “You know me better than that. I'm here, kind of, on business.”


Sinclaire narrowed his eyes. “Oh? What business?”


“The shuttle crash,” Intenuar said getting right to the point. “My CO's step-son was involved, actually was the pilot that alledgedly caused the crash. I came back with Cadet McMillian's mother and was hoping I could get a look at the shuttle's systems.”


Sinclaire looked at him skeptically. “I don't know, Krill. It's still an ongoing investigation. We have had experts all over that shuttle already.”


Lt. Intenuar gave him a “seriously” look. “Ray, you know I can find things in computers that others never would have seen.”


Lt. Sinclaire had to agree with that. He had known Krill Intenuar for many years and watched him pull apart computer language and sequences like nobody else's business. “Still, Krill……” He thought about it for a moment longer, then sighed. “I'm probably going to get my ass in a sling for this, but I like Cadet McMillian. I had trouble believing he would have even accidentally veered his shuttle into Withoo's. Come on.”


The two officers walked to a secured bay. Sinclaire entered his authorization code and the bay door slid up. Sinclaire glanced around quickly, then motioned for Intenuar to enter. “There she is.”


“Thanks, Ray,” Intenuar said. “You can stay with me the whole time, and I will tell you every process along the way.” Sinclaire nodded and followed the science officer aboard the shuttle. He doubted he would be able to totally follow everything Intenuar would be doing, but at lest he would be watching.


Inside the shuttle, Intenuar activated the shuttle's systems. He started at the helm console and looked through all the system's processes. About fifteen minutes into his probing there was another voice at the shuttle's hatch.


“What the hell are you doing in here,” demanded Lt. Commander A'lthere.


Sinclaire shot out of his seat, turning toward the security chief. “Commander! This is a computer specialist……”


“From the Excelsior,” A'lthere finished. “That doesn't explain what you are doing messing around with my investigation.”


“Respectfully, Sir,” Intenuar spoke up. “I'm not messing around. I do have a way of finding things in computer systems that were meant to be hidden. Commander Lobren, our security chief thought I……”


“Zarian Lobren has no jurisdiction in this, Lieutenant,” A'lthere shot back. Intenuare shot immediately to attention, which seemed to mollify the Academy's security chier. “But, if he sent ou here, there has to be a good reason.” He gave Lt. Sinclaire a piercing look. “You and I will talk about this.” Looking back to Intenuar. “Have you found anything our experts haven't?”


“Actually,” Intenuar answered, “I think I have, Sir…… At least the start of something.”


A'lthere narrowed his eyes. “What?”


IntenuarIntenuar turned back toward the console. He motioned for the other two to take a look. “I was looking through the data log of the flight. What I found could be a slight glitch, which these shuttles are known for, but it also could indicate a re-write.”


“How would it have been re-written?” A'lthere asked. “We secured the shuttle immediately after the crash.”


“It could have been an automated program re-write, to cover tracks,” Intenuar explained, “Or there could still be something someone added to the shuttle to do the re-write.”


Both A'lthere and Sinclaire shook their heads. A'lthere spole. “We've been all over this shuttle. There is nothing in here that doesn't belong.” Sinclaire nodded his agreement.


“In here,” Intenuar said thoughtfully. He pulled out his tricorder. “I would like to go over the exterior, Sir.”


“Lt Intenuar,” A'lthere insisted. “We've been all over this shu……” He stopped, looking at Sinclaire. He then sighed. “Fine! But I'm going to be right by your side.”


“Thank you, Commander,” Intenuar replied.


“Don't thank me,” A'lthere grunted. “Thank Ray. He seems to have Lobren's faith in you.” Intenuar and Sinclaire both shared a smile.


The trio went out the hatch. Intenuar walked the circumference of the shuttle, carefully scanning. When he had made the full circuit, he asked Sinclaire, pointing to the top of the shuttle, “Can you get me up there?”


Sinclaire retrieved a lift that would get all of them easily to the top of the shuttle. They stepped off and Intenuar started scanning again. About ten minutes later, the science officer paused over a section of the hull plating.  He ran his fingers over the surface, then pulled a portable spanner from his tool pouch.  As A'lthere and Sinclaire watched, Intenuar ran the spanner over the section of hull plating. Suddenly, the seemingly solid hull plate developed a small hatch. Intenuar pulled the section of plating up and revealed a small device attached to the circuitry.


“What the hell is that,” A'lthere demanded. He watched as the science officer worked to carefully remove it from where it had been attached.



“Unless I miss my guess,” Intenuar said without looking up. It was clear he was intent on removing the object. “It is our re-programmer. But.. if I don't remove it just right, it will self-destruct its programming.”


“I would think it already wiped itself clean,” Sinclaire commented.


“Possibly,” Intenuar agreed, “but in most cases deleted things can be retrieved. But if I…… “ Suddenly the device came free. Intenuar's expression remained neutral but A'lthere took on a look of dread.


“Well?” the security chief asked expectantly.


“Good to go, Chief,” Intenuar said, a bit of triumph in his voice. He handed it to A'lthere. The security chief put up his hand and shook his head.


“You hold on to that,” A'lthere said. “Let's get it to one of the science labs.”


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