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  Captain Michael Holden, SD
"The Breen versus the Romulans" JDL

“The Breen Versus the Romulans”

By Captain Holden & our new Romulan


The Breen dreadnought, Hapzla

“Direct hit to the Federation ship,” Chot Kerl called out from the tactical console. It was certain there was triumph in the chot's voice, but it was hidden beneath the Breen armor and rendered neutral by the vocoder that all Breen were issued. “They managed to raise shields, but our blow still hurt them. Their warp drive is down.”


“Maintain fire,” Thot Briun ordered. “We shall cripple that ship and leave them limping from here on impulse.”  He was still quite angry that the Excelsior had managed to deceive his ship's sensors once with that bit of trickery they had pulled, forcing Briun to order a retreat. But, they did return and found their opening when the Federation ship had lowered its shields.


“Sir!” Jexl called out from the sensor panel.  “Romulan warbird, D'deridex-class de-cloaking three hundred thousand  kliks to port.”


“Inside his armor, Briun let out a low growl.  The vocoder did not relay that. “Be certain it is not another deception by the Excelsior.”


“It is not deception,” Kerl reported. “They're powering weapons…… firing…… at us!”


What the blazes are those pointy-eared meat-sacs doing now? Briun thought to himself. His ship was suddenly rocked, slightly by the impact of the warbird's disruptors.


“Brace for impact,” Kerl called out just before the ship was rocked violently and panels around the command deck started erupting.


“Where did that come from,” Briun demanded. “Surely not the Federation ship.”


“Negative,” answered Kerl. “It came from the sphere-ship. OUr shields are d…… “ He was interrupted as the ship was hit again by the warbird's disruptors.  More panels sparkeled and trouble lights lit up brilliantly. “”Down, Sir. I recommend we withdraw.”


Briun cursed, thr vocoder stripping the words of their vehemence. “Cloak the ship. Helm, turn us around.”


“The cloak is down, My Thot,” Kerl reported.  “Returning fire on the warbird.”


“Prepare a minefield for them as well, “ Briun ordered. The old warbird was no match for the Hapzla, but Romulans were crazy and relentless, especially since losing their precious homeworld to the Hobus star explosion.


Romulan D'dereidex-class warbird IRW Kharnae :

On the Romulan ship the Centurion in the command chair ordered pursuit of the Breen.  The weapons office, a sub-lieutenant, reported that even at max speed the Breen were keeping out of range.  However, it became quickly became obvious that the reverse was not true.  The Breen fired their energy weapon. Which smashed into theRomulan's shields.

"Shields at eighty percent!"  called out the lieutenant acting as the tactical officer.

A volley of torpedoes headed their way as well as several mines, which materialized several kilometers in front of the warbird.

"Intensify forward screens, Damn the torpedoes. Flank speed ahead!! We're not going to lose them this time! Remember Outpost Vega Three!" ordered the senior bridge officer.


Breen dreadnought, Hapzla:

“Get those shields back up,” Briun ordered. The command deck of the Hapzla had a light smikey haze throughout. It was fortunate the Breen armor could act as an emergency EV-suit and none of them were forced to breathe in the noxious air.


Forward shields are ready, Thot Briun,” reported Daaz from engineering. “You will only have fifty percent power, though.”


“That will do,” Briun commented.  It was only this pesky warbird to worry about, then they could effect full repairs and go after the sphere ship again.  That weapon they fired was yet another prize to seek. “Helm, bring us back around. Kerl, power the forward shields, lock weapons on that warbird.”


IRW Kharnae:

The torpedo spread hammered the great old warbirds shields almost the same instant she befell the mines. Before her commanding officer had time to order the counter attack his crew felt the full power of the Breen's firepower. The shields buckled under the assault. The bridge collapsed around him as the shockwave tore a massive hole in the port wing.


“Warp drive is offline, hull breaches decks 3 to 20 sections 4 to 12.” one of his officers reported through the smoke. On his own readout the damage appeared far worse of the 6021 souls he had aboard before this attack only 1007 were still alive to drive home his attack. Engineering was reporting the quantum singularity in their core was unstable and a confinement breach seemed imineute.


The Breen was closing for the kill shot.


“Transfer all power to the disruptor banks and the  them for a sustained burst, once activated evacuate the ship. don't launch the shuttles or pods till I fire.” the centurion ordered.


His officers were stunned by the order. Those who could got up and began to assist the others to their evac stations. The bridge was now aflame as another salvo destroyed his starboard wing.


The captain had to buy some time. He opened coms and hailed the approaching vessel while manually setting the auto destruct. “Stand down and give me your terms or I will ram you, so help me god.” he spoke into the waiting transmitter.


Breen dreadnought, Hapzla:

“Sir, the warbird is hailing,” Kerl reported.


Briun  easily gestured with his gauntlet hand, and the executive officer put the through. He listened to the demand from the warbird's commander and his lips curled up inside the snout-shaped mask. “Your demise will be my only demand, Romulan,” he said in response.  “Your ship will be vaporized long before it can ram the Hapzla.”


The warbird was at full impulse. An overloaded disruptor blast emitted from the shuddering shattered hulk as the escape pods and shuttlecraft launched simultaneously.


Their vectors were erratic. Several of these flight paths resulted in collisions. The sight was laughable. Chot Kerl targeted the fleeing attack-shuttles and blasted them, as well as the escape pods that had not collided with one another.


The disruptor blast, from the warbird, struck the Hapzla's screens as the crippled warbird clawed its way closer to its target. “Remember Outpost Vega III!” he heard over his speakers. That was when Briun realized that despite the dreadnought's disruptors slicing up much of the warbird, it was still on its collision course.


“Hard up and starboard!” Briun ordered.  The helm officer acted quickly, and what was left of the Romulan ship collided with the shields. I just missed a direct collision with the port quarter of Hapzla.  The it self-destructed, creating a momentary black hole that threatened to draw the dreadnought in with the warbird remnants. The explosion's shock-wave pushd the  Hapzla end over end away from the event horizon.


 Main power went out almost immediately as the ship went into an uncontrolled roll.Inertial dampeners went offline and Briun's crew was tossed around the command deck like rag dolls. Briun could still hear that Romulan's battle cry echo in his head before he blacked out.


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