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  Captain Michael Holden, SD
"What Are They Doing Out Here... Another Perspective"

“What Are They Doing Out Here…… Another Perspective”

By Captain Michael Holden


Aboard the Breen dreadnaught Hapzla, Thot Briun stared at eh data that scrolled to the right side of his eyes inside the helmet he wore as the standard apparal of the Breen Confederacy.  It showed the Federation starship and its projected line of travel..  When they had first spotted the starship so far from Federation space, Briun believed they were out here spying on his ship, or at least attempting to.  He also had known it was a risk to “shadow” the Federation starship without their cloak, but they had been having issues with the functionality of the cloaking device at high warp speeds.  Has they attempted to use it, the Starfleeters would have spotted Hapzla a lot sooner.


“Sir,” called out Kerl at tactical. “The Federation ship is coming back around toward us.”


“Remain at standby mode, all stations!” barked out Vorn, Hapzla's second in command. Briun gave a simple nod in confirmation.


It was an error on my part to even worry about the Starfleet ship to begin with, Briun mused. This could be a complication to our mission but it will only be a minor one.  If that ship gets too close to my goal, they will get a taste of Hapzla's weapons.


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