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  Commander Zarian Lobren, SD
"How To Save the Vulderians" JDL

“How to Save the Vulderians”

JDL: Commander Carishai, Commander Lobren, Lt. Commander Wolfe, Counselor N'Tazzia


The runabout, U.S.S. Belaya hung approximately one hundred meters from the hull of the dilapidated space station.  Commander Zarian Lobren wondered how they even kept it together, if sensor readings were to be believed.


Bones undid her seatbelt and stood up. She walked to the side window to look out and whistled, “Well now, that doesn't look very hospitable.”


“So, Commander,” the Brikar asked Commander Carishai.  “What's yer pleasure?”


Wolfe looked over at the Brikar and Commander making small talk while keeping an eye on the sub-mode. He started to look over the data on the station. “Commander, this station is on the verge of just collapsing in on itself, one wrong move by us against the hull and it could implode on itself, not literally...but figuratively.”


“Guess we better make sure we don' make th' wrong move,” Lobren remarked.


Cari grimaced.  Being the full-time XO and a main decision maker seemed to be having a dampening effect on her ebullient nature.


She sighed.  “I guess we scoop the Vularian's and anyone else we're able to off of that death trap immediately, otherwise, our chance to save them may be taken out of our hands.  We'll have to figure out a rescue plan for the captives on the planet after we take care of this problem. Do you two have a suggestion on how we can pull them out of there?”


“Yeah,” Lobren said. “We beam …€Â˜em right out from under these mooks noses, but we ain't gonna be able ta take all th' captives. I mean, …€Â˜less ya ain't talkin' …€Â˜bout th' non-Vulderian captives.  We ain't got enuff room in this runabout for ever'one. Hades! Even beamin' th' Vulderians in will make it very …€… VERY comfy fer ever'one.”


“Can we try to get the rest of the prisoners out of there by...keeping them in a transporter lock?”  Taz suggested.


Cari's eyes widened.  “You mean in transporter stasis?  I'm not sure the Belaya's transporter can manage that without a dangerous power drain.  And if if we could, it would be a very dicey proposition.  Commander Lobren?  Commander Wolfe? What do you think?”


Lobren glanced over to the XL's chief engineer before responding.  Looking back at Carishai, he said, “It might be able to do it, initially, but if we have any extraneous things we haveta do, like use the sub-mode, or even defend ourselves against that ship o' theirs, we could lose whatever is in stasis.”


Cari pondered Lobren's remarks then looked back to Taz.   “I'm sorry counselor but I'm not willing to take a risk like that.  If we hesitated to use everything we have on hand -- even for a second -- it  might result in endangering the rescued Vularians and our lives as well. “Gentlemen, get the Vularians off that station before it disintegrates while we're debating.”


Taz folded her arms across her chest, clearly not satisfied by the XO's response.  “You could put me in transporter stasis and save ONE of the others.  I'm willing to chance it.”

“No.  My decision stands, we're not putting anyone in stasis unless it's medically necessary.  If you have a problem with my decision you can take it up with the Captain when this mission concludes.”


Without further comment, Taz sat and looked away.


Lobren looked to Taz.  “There is another problem wit' pullin' them all off that station, Taz.  What if some o' those other …€Â˜aliens' ain't prisoners?  Then we'd be kidnappin' them.”


Commander Carishai broke in.


“Now is not the time to debate this issue people. Commander Lobren, coordinate with Commander Wolfe and anyone else you need to, but get those Vularians out of there as quickly as you are able.  Ms Yar, plot a course to get us out of here quickly, and then keep both eyes on that station.  At the first sign that it's going to break apart or blow up or if ANYTHING changes for the worse, sing out and be ready to move the Belaya out of danger when myself or Commander Lobren gives the word.”


“Counselor, I'd like you to monitor their starship.  Use the sensors or your telepathic abilities but keep scanning for any sign they are heading our way.”


Taz nodded and took a spot at an unoccupied console.


She turned to the doctor. “Dr. Harris, we are about to have a dozen or so confused, upset and possibly injured Vularians beamed aboard.  Do your best.”


Bones nodded, not sure how she felt about any of the options presented here. She could tell Taz was not happy, but the commander was in charge. Bones got to work getting her equipment ready.


Wolfe looked over at Lobren, and back at the console before taking out a padd to produce a map of areas where the security system is weakened. “It looks like their security system is operating somewhat effectively, but I think a boarding party could override it as easily as turning off the lights in your quarters.” Wolfe muses over an idea in his head before letting it out. “How about...we do what in the 20th century was called an Electro-Magnetic Pulse. We overload their entire systems and fry the station's computer? They would have no records of what happened and would not know what hit them”


Commander Lobren rose from the helm controls and moved back to the transporter console.  “I'm not crazy …€Â˜bout that idea, Wolfie.  With as dumb as these mooks seem ta be, if we frag their computer, that station will prob'bly crumble b'fore our eyes.  It may be th' only thing keepin' th' structural integrity fields in place.  Jus' make sure I got power ta the transporter targeting scanners. I'm gonna pull them out one by one if I haveta.”


The hairs on the back of Cari's neck stood up.  She trusted her senior officers to implement the best...and the safest possible plan to rescue the Vularian captives.  Commander Wolfe's plan sounded fraught with a host of dangerous unknowns but it DID sound like an efficient way to execute snatching the prisoners. She much preferred Commander Lobren's idea to use the Belaya's  transporter to effect the rescue.  One by one was less efficient, and slower, but it seemed like the option which could do the job more safely.


The Excelsior's XO gripped the edge of her chair as the delicate operation began.


TBC in sim

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