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  Lt. Commander N'Tazzia, Commander Carishai, Commander Stacey Harris, SD
Getting It Over With JDL: Commander Carishai and Commander Stacey “Bones” Harris
Getting It Over With
JDL: Commander Carishai and Commander Stacey “Bones” Harris with Nurse Mara (by Taz)

Cari arrived twenty minutes early for her appointment to see Dr. Harris. She had been given a basic physical upon reporting for duty aboard the Excelsior, but Dr. Harris had been unavailable, so she was back for a more formal examination.

She was pleased to see the waiting area was pristine and empty. Since there was no one at the reception desk, she took a seat and waited.

Only a few moments passed when Nurse Mara emerged escorting a young human male. Cari vaguely recognized him as being from the science department. Mara spoke softly but Cari was still able to hear the gist of her medical advice.

"You should be fine in a couple of days." The nurse reassured him. "Make sure Zach doesn't have you working near those Orocgial lilies until your system builds up the necessary antigens to counteract that reaction."

Mara turned around and smiled at Cari. "Hello Commander, you're a bit early." The nurse noted. "You can take your pick of any of the biobeds or the medbays...except bay A. I'll see if Dr. Harris is ready."

Cari was surprised at the nurses' demeanor. Mara was known for being somewhat...prickly...even to command staff..and she wondered if something had changed to cause her to be so agreeable. She picked Medbay B and climbed onto the biobed.


Mara knocked on Bones door and then turned the handle. She opened the door a few inches. "Commander Carishai's here, boss."

Bones nodded, “Yeah ok cool.” The CMO shut down her comp terminal, picked up her stuff, and headed to see the Commander.

Dr. Harris arrived at med bay B and smiled. “Ah commander, how are you today?”

"Fine, just getting this formal eval out of the way before we run into something new or receive specific orders. I have to set a good example for the rest of the crew don''t I?"

Bones nodded and turned on the bio bed, “Yes ma'am...in addition to the fact that I've seen most of your very large family already."

Cari nodded. "Trave is very good at getting things like Dr's appointments taken care of right on schedule. " She replied without further conversation.

Bones continued on with the exam, “So how are you liking life on the XL? Exciting eh?”
The Denobulan first officer smiled. "Always something new. How are you doing?" Her gesture indicated she was referring to Bones' pregnancy. "My oldest two, Rakk and Dakk are identical twins. They're finishing a year of cultural studies on Denobula and will be joining us here on the ship soon."

Bones grimaced, kind of annoyed that it was public knowledge already. Furthermore, Zuniga ordered her to make an appt with him this afternoon, and she knew what that was about. When she claimed she was too busy, he had the captain call her and make it an official order. Still, none of this was the new commander's fault. Bones faked a smile, “Oh neat. I'll be sure to call you if I have any twin questions.”

"I'm sure you won't." The first officer replied. "Sorry to be so presumptuous."

Bones shook her head, “No it's fine. I'm just new at this.”

"Every parent is at some point. I'm not here to grill you about your pregnancy or to allude to any sort of false friendship between us. I would be happy if we were to become friends at some point, but it's not something that can be forced on either end. It's your call."

The Denobulan first officer sounded sincere but she seemed to be lacking her usual overall ebullience.

Bones nodded, "Well, I appreciate the sentiment, Commander." She snapped off her scanner and the bio bed. "You are perfectly healthy," she smiled.

"I do my best, and Wujen is as good with adults as he is with children. " she slid off the bed. "Thank you. By the way, you can delete Taja and Betta from your list of incoming family. And Ariz, Arlla, and Asdi will be leaving as soon as it can be arranged. Janya and Nelea are likely to be leaving us as well." She adjusted her uniform. "Thank you doctor."

Bones raised her eyebrows, wondering if that was normal- the coming and going of Denobulans. Then she decided it must be since Carishai acted as if it was. She shrugged and waved bye as the commander left.

Dr. Harris strode over to Mara, and handed her the physical results so that she could enter them. Then she sighed, “Well, I guess I'm off. I've got that appointment. Call me if you need anything. On second thought, call me even if you don't and pretend like you do.”

Mara smirked and bid the doctor good luck.

“She's gonna need it.” Mara muttered after sickbays' doors closed behind her boss.


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