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  Lieutenant Amira Yar, SD
No Subject

Lieutenant's log, star date 201712.05.

We finally managed to get the romulans on board. I was assigned to ready their quarters and settle them in, which I'd like to think I did rather well, or at least average. Kento Jmala, one of the Romulan rescues, has asked that I give him a tour of the ship. I will place it here that I had a bad feeling about it, though in general the Romulans do give me an edgy feeling in the pit of my stomach. But, to be professional and to accommodate his needs, I have agreed to give him that tour, it's scheduled for 2200 hours, beginning at 12 forward.    
From there, I will be taking him through sick bay, traversing the hollodeck area and then showing him some of the classrooms and other areas of the ship. I'll be keeping far away from the Bridge and any secure areas of this ship, after all, he is not authorized to go there.
End log.
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