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  Commander Carishai, SD
The Galaxy's Longest 15 Minutes DL: Commander Carishai
The Galaxy's Longest 15 Minutes
DL: Commander Carishai

Cari couldn't keep her eyes off Captain Trellis' tricked out shuttlecraft.  She was excited to be leading this away team, mainly because she was stoked that they finally had a glimmer of hope at finding the missing starbase crew, along with any Romulan nationals who might also been abducted.  After all, how could they fail with the assistance of the shuttlecraft's state-of-the-art specialized systems combined with the expertise of Excelsior's personnel and its former CO?  Each team member was focused in on monitoring, scanning, searching and calculating -- among dozens of other less obvious tasks expected of Starfleet officers. The Excelsior had a complicated history but there was no doubt, the crew was top-notch.

Even with the best people and tech, this mission had potential to turn dangerous in an instant. Cari turned her attention to the stellar cartography display.  The system ahead had nine planets, four habitable to at least some degree and each of those four needed to be scanned, and possibly explored,  to rule out the presence of the missing.  The Madorans claimed this section of space and had already made it clear that they weren't feeling friendly.  Which was why Captain Holden had taken his predecessor up on his offer to conduct their search using Trellis' SI shuttle.  Good thing they had done so, because  the shuttle had already encountered the Madorans conducting a search for an intruder they didn't even have proof was out there!  Then, there was another hostile of concern that Cari was trying not to dwell on.  It was difficult to ignore the very real possibility that the aliens who had been preying on their people might be somewhere nearby.  Aliens who were not only capable of mass-kidnapping but who also had little to no regard for humanoid life.  And who almost assuredly had been responsible for stranding the crew of the USS Taurino -- one of whom sat nearby. 

The shuttle's computer very politely announced they were getting close to the first planet which might support life.  Cari looked up at the main view screen and took a deep breath.  "Data please people.  What class is our first target? Give me everything you can get......

TBC in sim

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