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"Peaceful Beach" JPL

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Commander Zarian Lobren & Captain Joshua Trellis
[Stardate ]

Login "Peaceful Beach"
JPL: Commander Lobren & Captain Trellis

The ocean waves lapped lightly against the sandy beach.  There was a light breeze and sea gulls could be heard in the distance.  Commander Zarian Lobren sat in a low beach chair, He wore only a Terran Hawaiian shirt, unbuttoned, and a pair of shorts. Beside him was a cooler which held beers for him and his companion, Captain Joshua Trellis.

"I have missed this," Trellis commented, taking a pull from his bottle.  He was similarly dressed as the Brikar.

"Me too, Skipper," Lobren agreed. "I tried it a couple a timessince ya lefr, just ta unwind, but it's jus' nnot th' same."

"You know you can call me Josh, now, don't you?" Trellis complained, giving his former XO a look. "I'm not your commanding officer anymore."

"Ya'll always be 'Skipper' ta me," Lobren told him.  Josh wasn't certain if he should take that as a compliment, suddenly remembering and old Terran television prgram called "Giligan's Island." Still he knew coming from the Brikar it was nothing but  a compliment.

"I mean, Cap'n Holden is fine an' all," Lobren continued, "but, he's not you."

"That is probably a good thing," Josh muttered.  They both sat in slience for a bit, listening tot he water and the gulls.  "You know... I still think of this as my ship, even though I know it's not.  The  other day, when the red alert sounded and the ship shuddered, I almost commed ou, demanding a report and heading for the bridge."

"Heh!  I bet it was tough ta just sit there an' let someone else handle it," Lobren said.

"At least on this ship it is," Trellis noted. He laid his head back against the beach chair and felt the sun's warm rays on his skin. THis was probably one of the best parts on this holodeck program had and Lobren enjoyed when he was in command of the Excelsior. He could enjoy the sun without worrying about getting sunburned or untra-violet rays. "So, what is the captain going to do about the Madorans?"

"He's still debatin'," Lobren said, grabbing another cold beer from the cooler. "My suggestion is ta prgram th' sub-mode ta look like one o' their ships and slide on tina th' system where we're gettin' th' message from."

"We could always... I mean... you could always make use of my shuttle to do some intelligence gathering," Trellis offered. "I can even get assigned to this mission as it appears S.I. might be more useful here."

"Ill pass that on ta Cap'n Holden," Lobren said, grateful for the offer.  They paused another moment.  "I still can't get over ya bein' a spook."

Captain Trellis laughed.  He knew the Birkar's dislike for agents of Starfleet intelligence, and he had to admit it was for good reasons.  They were responsible for a lot of subterfuge and trouble for this ship, including one of its commanding officers being a double agent for the Romulans.  "this is one 'spook' you'll never have to worry about, my friend.  I promise you that."

"I never worry 'bout' ya, Skipper.  Just for ya."

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