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  Ensign Dante Steel, SD
DL, Repairs and Reflections

He wiped sweat from his brow, Jeffries tubes were cramped, a fact that was true all over the federation. Countless engineers have echoed complaints of the cramped and stifling conditions in the tubes and yet, no one has bothered to upgrade these crawlways into a more hospitable workspace. So Dante did his best to deal with it, laying on his side, with a torch in his mouth and a spanner in hand. This was the last EPS relay which needed to be replaced. It could have been worse, but the Excelsior was only hit from glancing fire, thanks to some fancy flying and quick thinking up on the bridge. The only real damage was a few burned out relays and a few crispy consoles, Mused Ensign Steel as he swapped out the faulty relay for a freshly replicated one. Ensign Waite really kept her cool back there, she handled that shield console like nobody’s business. I bet I could learn a trick or two from that one, perhaps she might even learn from me? He smiled at the thought as the new relay snapped into place and an audible hum of power began to course through the conduit behind the open access panel. Smiling in satisfaction at a job complete, Ensign Steel packs up his tools, tosses the faulty relay into a shoulder sack, along with half a dozen others and begins to make the long crawl back to main engineering. Lt Commander Wolf is an interesting fellow, he thought as he climbed up to the next deck, his foot falls reverberating up and down the shaft of the vertical tube which was the final leg of Ensign Steel’s trek of repairs. I have never heard of a canine race before. I wonder if he is territorial over his engine room? We have yet to serve on the same duty shift, so I will have to look out for that. Then, the Ensign gets a stupid grin on his face and he busts into a small fit of giggles as he pictures his commanding officer standing near the warp core, marking his territory. His mirth is short lived however, when that image is replaced with that of Lt Commander Wolf, bearing his teeth in an angry snarl. Mr. Steel wipes the grin off of his face as he enters the engine room, remembering that this was no way for an officer to think. Taking a good look at the now pristine engine room, he gives a small nod of pride, remembering the burned up screens and panels from mere hours before. At least the chief will get his engine room back the way he left it!
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