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Personal log: checking my messages

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Dante Steel
[Stardate ]


The door to his quarters hissed shut behind him as he wearily strode into the room. Tossing his toolbox onto the sofa, which was already cluttered with dirty uniforms and a few PADDs, Dante turns his attention to his small desk in the corner. Removing his tunic and tossing it unceremoniously onto the sofa, like so many others, he slumps into the chair behind the desk. Wiping his brow, he asks the computer in his deep melodic voice to bring up his latest dispatches. “You have 2 technical uploads pending from the Starfleet CORPS of Engineers.” Deciding he was too tired to view them now, Dante asked the computer to shunt them onto his PADD for later viewing. “What about personal dispatches?” he asked the computer, hoping to hear something from Sean, a friend from the academy with whom he had an off again / on again relationship. “You have 5 unread messages from your father.” Replied the computer in its usual monotone, not realizing the upheaval those words brought with them. Slamming his fist down upon the desk with such force that the surface cracks, Dante angrily replies, “Delete them all!” through gritted teeth. The messages disappeared from the screen with wordless precision and the familiar blue federation logo appears briefly before the screen goes blank. Disappointed that Sean had not yet written and furious his father had, Dante looks up from the desk at the replicater recessed into the wall on the opposite side of the small room. Wondering if Sean was eating alone tonight and deciding it didn’t matter, Dante gets up from the Desk and grabs a fresh tunic from the replicator. After putting it on and affixing his combadge, He muses to himself, “I’m on a new ship, full of new people, living my new life. No reason I have to eat alone.” Giving a hopeful grin as he exits his quarters, Dante calls back to the now empty room, “don’t wait up!” The doors close shut with a soft hiss and Dante does not hear the computer reply “Command unclear, please restate!”
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