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  Captain Michael Holden, SD
"Reporting IN"

“Reporting In”

By Captain Michael w/ Admiral Rointa Katera


And youonly opened a channel to them?”


“That's correct, Admiral,” Captain Michale Holden replied.  He sat in his ready room and was looking at the small desktop monitor. The image of Admiral Rointa Katera, commanding officer of Deep Space 6 and the overall commander for this sector of space, looked back at him.


And you didn't violate their border?”


“Correct agin,” Holden confirmed. “I was adamant about not going into their space. We didn't even return fire, which we could have the moment they crossed over the border.”


Admiral Katera didn't look convinced of that last statement. “That isn't Federation space,” he commented.


“No, but it's not Madoran space either, and a ship should be able to defend itself.”


Granted,” the admiral agreed. “And thank you for not firing back.  A lot less paperwork.  Are you certain the signal is coming from Mandoran space?”


Holcen nodded. “Our sensors tracked it to a system three light years across the border, approximately half way to the Madoran homeworld.  The issue comes in that there are a couple planets in that system that could support life. We could slip-stream on in, but searching the system itself would take time we probably wouldn't have. We also have suspicions there are Romulans in trouble as well.”


Consider launching a probe ahead of you, into the system?”


“We have,” Holden said. “We did launch a probe prior to our arrival near the border. That is how we know what system the signal is originating from. Unfortunately, the Madoran found it and destroyed it.  Possibly motivation for their reaction to us.”


And if you were to launch another probe,” Katera theorized, “You could draw unwanted attention to the system.”


“Precisely, Sir,” the captain acknowledged. “Thus far, they have only transmitted once an hour and it only seemed to be during out gamma shift, which could correlate with the Madoran fleet's late shift as well.”


Be a good time to have a cloaking device,” Katera muttered.


“Or our sub-mode,” Holden replied, giving the technology given to them by Admiral Fyrstk of Pasteur Station.  “We just need to find out if ehy let Any ships across their border.”


What about sending a shuttle with stealth technology?”


“I haven't ruled that out,” Holden replied, “but I would hate for a shuttle or even a runabout getting caught by one of their cruisers. They're easily a size and a half as big as the Excelsior and as heavily armed.”


I wish I could send you some backup, but we have another issue that we're looking into.”


“It is probably better, Sir,” Holden said. “Another Starfleet vessel would definitely put the Madorans on edge.”


Agreed.” Katera sighed. “Alright Michael. Use your best discretion. Hopefully this is not some elaborate Madoran trap to lure a Federation ship into their space.  Keep me informed. Katera out.”


Captain Holden watched the image of the admiral return to that of the status screen he had been viewing prior to his call with the admiral. He steepled his fingers and stared at the screen, just wondering where to go from here.


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