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  Commander Carishai, Ensign Sierra Gar, Lieutenant Amira Yar, SD
Back on “The Horse” -- JDL: Commander Carishai, Ensign Sierra Gar, Lt. Amira Yar.
Back on “The Horse”

JDL: Commander Carishai, Ensign Sierra Gar, Lt. Amira Yar.

(This picks up the conversation right after the end of the last sim.)

In Ensign Gar's quarters....

"What I meant by that saying about horses was that I usually find that it's more efficient to learn, or re-learn, by doing, rather than by reading about it." Cari clarified for Ensign Gar.

Sierra nodded. "Definitely true." She agreed as she moved to sit, folding her arms and crossing her legs at the knees.

"So, why are we sitting here in your cabin? Let's go out and fly a starship! In the holodeck of course, until you get your space legs back." Cari winked and slapped her knees as she stood.

Sierra blinked, inwardly surprised. "Trial by fire," she whispered to herself.

"I heard that Ms Gar." Cari waggled a finger at her. "This isn't a test. We're just going to take your favorite starship out for a little spin around the quadrant. We'll leave the reviews and tests to Counselor Tazzia. All we need to be concerned about is getting you back where you belong!"

Sierra nodded again as she stood and moved towards the door. "Oh, I wasn't referring to that. Every time I've gone somewhere since I arrived I try to see how far I can manage to travel without any aide. I've not traveled in the direction of the holodeck so this will be a first." She slowly walked towards the door as she talked.

"Then, I'll allow you to lead the way." Cari said enthusiastically as she consulted her PADD. "It looks like Holodeck 1 will be free. What model ship should I program in for us?"

The ensign stepped up to the door, which hissed open in front of her. She stepped through and looked back towards the commander. "Perhaps I'll refresh with my previous assignment. Maybe following that I'll try my hand at the Excelsior. To see how they compare is an interesting thought."

"Very good!" Cari replied, tapping her PADD as she followed Gar. "All set. The USS Torino be waiting for us when we arrive. You're ops, right? "

Sierra acknowledged the commander with a nod as they began proceeding down the corridor. "Yes ma'am, ops was my previous position."'

"And is that the position which continues to interest you? Because if there were any better occasion to make a career charge, I can't think of one." Cari, still being new to the Excelsior herself looked around, she wasn't 100% sure they were heading for Holodeck 1 and was glad that she didn't have to lead the way.

"Yes ma'am, it is." Sierra took a left and approaching the turbolift, she activated its' call function.

Cari gave her a nod in return. "I'm not trying to pressure you, but I've always thought ops manager is the most complex position on the bridge. Are you hoping to command a ship of your own someday?"

Sierra chuckled slightly as the doors in front of her opened to an empty turbolift car and she entered. "A hope which has recently reappeared." She answered in the affirmative.

"I took a different kind of detour before winding up on the bridge." Cari offered as she followed the ensign into the lift, leaving her actual reason unsaid. "But I would never go back."

"Deck 6." Sierra called out and the turbolift beeped in acknowledgment and began to move, "Bridge duty isn't for everyone," As she continued a fire flared up in her eyes and her tone became adamant. "But I'll be damned if I'm going to let being MIA for 12 years sidetrack me."

The vehemence in Gar's response warmed Cari's heart to the core. "I don't believe it will Ms Gar, I don't believe it will."

Sierra smiled and went silent as the lift brought the pair to Deck 6.


Exiting the turbolift, the two made their way to the holodeck. Anyone observing them would have seen a pronounced spring in their steps and found it difficult to determine which woman was more eager to arrive.

"Are you nervous?" Cari asked as they walked the short distance.

Sierra looked thoughtful for a moment before speaking. "If this were real I would be, but knowing this'll only be a simulation helps." She replied as they rounded the edge of the corridor.

Inside Holodeck 1, Lt Amira Gar had just finished a vigorous exercise program and used a towel to mop her forehead. She made her way to the exit of the holodeck, a sheen of thin sweat on her after her workout.

Before the door slid closed behind her, she saw the two approaching and waved her hand in greeting.

Cari saw the wave and returned the greeting in kind. “Makes sense.” She said in response to Ensign Gar's last comment and then added. “There's Lt. Yar.”

Nodding, Sierra gives the lieutenant a friendly wave as the holodeck doors close behind her shipmate. “Hello Lt. I hope we aren't interrupting your recreation." She inquired.

Yar stepped up beside the other two. "I just had my workout." Points to several new abrasions. "I hate bat'leths."

Sierra chuckled slightly as she paused to study Yar for a moment. She couldn't help but blink.

Cari examines the abrasions on the lieutenant and winces. "Ouch, perhaps you might consider setting the safety controls higher?"

Sierra looked to Amira:: "It's difficult to believe you're still the same person who's been familiar to me all these years. You look... rather different here."

Amira nodded looking about. "I never thought I'd let the farm go. I never thought I'd ever be in a Starfleet uniform again. It rather itches."

"I hadn't noticed." Gar replied.

"And the dress uniform is worse! It's like someone is using an abrasive on your neck -- for as long as you are wearing the thing!" Said Cari, trying to lighten the mood somewhat. Say, we're about to run a simulation of the Torino's bridge. Care to join us Lt Yar?"

"I never had the chance to wear one." Sierra sighed. "Abducted on my first mission."

"WE are not going to let that happen again.” Cari answered, hoping she wasn't going to be proven wrong since the Excelsior was actively trying to find the missing crew from Starbase 382. “But that does mean you will have to wear the dreaded dress uniform eventually."

The three enjoyed a laugh together, then entered the holodeck where the bridge of the USS Torino awaited them.


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