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  Ensign Varok, Commander Stacey Harris, Commander Carishai, SD
"So How Are You With Kids?" JDL

“So How Are You With Kids?”

JDL Dr. Stacey (Bones) Harris, Ensign Varok & the Denobulans (playes by Commander Carishai)


nsign Varok had just been relived of OPS duty on the bridge of the

U.S.S. Excelsior. He had been informed, by Commander Lobren, that his

expertise was needed in sick bay. Once he had seen that Captain Holden

approved of the in-ship transfer, the young Vulcan signed out of the OPS

station and headed for the medical ward.


Walking through the main doors to Sick Bay, Varok raised a brow at the

noise and confusion that assaulted him. The room was quite crowded with

Denobulans. Varok deftly moved through the crowd and found Dr. Stacey

Harris, the ship's chief Medical officer.


"You requested my presence, Doctor," Varok said, respectfully addressing

the docto



Bones smiled as she tucked some frazzled stray hair behind her ear.

"Sure did...how are you with kids?" she smirked.


Varok looked again at the gathering. "I have no experience dealing with

young ones," he said evenly to her.


"Hmmm, well you're a quick study." She handed him a pediatric check up

kit. "I need new crew member physicals and records on all of these

folks. Do you remember your Denobulan anatomy?"


"Of course, Doctor," Varok answered. "I have excellent retention

abilities on that which I have been training for. Where would you like

me to start?"


She pushed him to the large crowd of a dozen Denobulans of all ages, shapes, and sizes. "Thatta way!"


Varok moved in the direction Dr. Harris was urging.  He looked at the crowd and asked, “Who is next?”


Taz pretended she hadn't heard Bones' diatribe.  She was right, the place was clogged with Denobulans since another three had just shown up.  A tall, thin, young girl had ushered in two smaller boys, one of whom was wailing loudly and had a trickle of blood dripping down from his knee.


"I told them NOT to jump off the bunks!"  The girl exclaimed pushing the crying child forward.  "He scraped his knee."  She said, even though the injury was obvioius.  Taz looked from the girl to the boy, then gestured to Varok to take over so that she could go back to helping Trave and Nurse Temple with the evaluations on the other three.


Before she could turn around the other child piped up,  "He's a big baby!  Crying because of a tiny cut."  He said derisively.  "He hit MY head when he lept off the bed."  The boy parted his hair.  "I have a big BUMP on it where his knee hit me!"


Ensign Varok picked up the boy with the cut and sat him at the end of a bio-bed. He lifted the second boy and placed him toward the top of the bed. “Please lie down,” he instructed. Grabbing a medical scanner, he ran the device over the boy's head, then consulted the monitor next to the bed.


The biggest Denobulan boy lay back on his elbows, the small one sat on the pillow and dangled his legs over the bed's edge while he continued to sniffle"

“Tell me your name,” Varok instructed the boy with the “bump” on his head.


"I'm Seelan!" He replied, seemingly pleased to be getting the attention he felt he deserved.


“How old are you?” the Vulcan asked next.

"I' m eight, my natal day was sixteen days ago." He added eagerly.

“Can you tell me the name of the ship you are on?”

 This time Varok's patient scowled at him.  "Don't you know the name of your own ship?" He snapped at the Vulcan.

The other boy snorted in laughter, forgetting, at least temporarily, about his bleeding knee.

"This is the USS Excelsior, NX-2000-C.  A Charleston Class Battle and Exploration cruiser currently under command of Acting-Captain Michael Allan Holden."  Seelan told Varok.  "And my mom is first officer!" He added proudly.

The smaller boy made an unfamiliar hand gesture and stuck his tongue out at Seelan, then melodramatically collapsed flat on the bed.  "My leg hurts." He pouted.

“I do, of course, know what ship I am on,” Varok told Seelan. “My reason for asking those questions was to ascertain your own mental stability. I am certain you will be fine. I shall give you a feneral analgesic for the headache that is certain to manifest. I will also send a message to the Chief Medical Officer with my diagnosis as well as  your scans and she can confirm this.”

Varik adjusted a hypo and pressed it to Seelan's neck. The hissing sound indicated the release of the analgesic compound into his system. Then, as promised, he sent a message to Dr. Harris' PADD so she could confirm his findings.  He then turned to the younger of the two boys and looked at his knee.

“And what is your name,” he asked the boy in an even tone.

"You're funny."  The boy said with a giggle.  "I'm Asdi.  My leg hurts.  Can you fix it with the dermal re-generator?"  He asked.  "I'm seven but I'm big for my age."

“It was not my intent to be humorous,” Varok stated as he ran the tricorder over Asdi”s injury. When he was satisfied the injury was nothing more than the visible wound, he picked up the dermal regenerator. “Yes. I will be utilizing a dermal regenerator. While I am not familiar with what size a seven-year-old Denobulan male should be, I am impressed you knew which tool I should be utilizing to close your wound.”

 Asdi looked pleased with himself.  "Seelan's father is a nurse, sometimes, I watch when he works.  I'm going to be a doctor, and a starship captain and a chef.  I can cook plomeek soup without using the replicator.  If you want me to make you soup you can come to Deck 13 sometime."

Varok ran the  regenerator over the cut in the boy's leg. It took just a couple passes and there was only a dull red mark where the cut once was.


He slid down of the bio-bed.  "Now it's all fixed!  Thank you Mr. Varok."


“You are welcome,” Varok simply replied. He looked to Seelan. “I would like you to remain here until either Dr. Harris or Dr. Jack confirm my findings and release you.” 

  Meanwhile, Bones was dealing with a couple of slightly better behaved adults when she looked across the room to Varok, and once again tried to hide her grin.



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