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The Denobulan Bunch PL: Commander Carishai, Counselor N'Tazzia

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Commander Carishai & Lt. Commander N'Tazzia
[Stardate ]

The Denobulan Bunch
PL: Commander Carishai, Counselor N'Tazzia

Cari made her fourth circuit of the Excelsior's bridge in less than thirty minutes.  She alternated between small talk and shop talk with each of the bridge officers on duty like she normally did but her repertoire of both was rapidly running out.  On top of that she could feel Counselor N'Tazzia's eyes on the back of her neck.  

She probably thinking I'm going to wear out the carpet...that's what she usually tells Captain Holden.  Cari mused. Holden wasn't on the bridge at the moment but she didn't think that would keep the Tesshuan from thinking it anyway.

Cari completed her round and sat in the center seat.  "Ms. Visi, what's our ETA to Deep Space Six?"

The young helmswoman turned her head. "Five minutes ma'am....make that three, I...uh.. failed to account for the standard gravitational drift rate of the station."

Cari nodded and smiled.  New ensigns were always nervous and it was a common omission.  "Thank you Ensign."   The Excelsior's crew was almost too eager to please at times.

"We have just enough time to make it to the main airlock."  Taz told her standing.  "Come on, I know you must be excited."

The Denobulan commander had just gotten settled in the center seat but quickly popped back up.  Glancing over the bridge crew again she spoke firmly.

"Ms. Visi, you have the conn."

"Me ma'am?" The woman had swiveled her chair all the way around this time.

"You are qualified to fly the ship aren't you?" She asked, knowing full well the answer.

"Of course!" Visi replied a tad defensively.  "I mean, yes ma'am, fully qualified."

"Good.  Don't ram us into the docking ring."  Cari said smiling. She gave Taz a wink.

"No ma'am!" Visi assured her, looking horrified at the thought.

"Relax Ensign, I'm teasing with you. You'll be fine.  You know where we're headed if there's a problem."

"Do I...Sit here or there?"  Visi asked hesitantly.

"Your call, where ever you can best maneuver the ship." Cari added.

"Thank you ma'am, yes ma'am."  She rotated her chair forward and stayed put.

Cari and Taz entered the turbolift.

"Main docking airlock." Cari stated.

"Nervous much?" Taz said with a chuckle.

"Am I that obvious?" Cari asked.

"Oh yeah.  I know you must be excited to be reunited with your family.  Deck 13 looks nice by the way."

"That's all Trave's doing, she's the one with the eye for design.  She's also the one who's been doing her best to get everything squared away.  It's not an easy task coordinating an entire Denobulan family."

"I imagine it's quite the opposite."  Taz agreed as they exited the turbolift and hurried down to the airlock access area. "Was she able to get everything arranged?"

Cari sighed.  "No, but not because she didn't do her best. Trave will be meeting us, she's also married to Wujen. Taja's other wife will also be coming aboard now, that's Jannya. Neither of my husbands will be joining us now, Starfleet hasn't approved Wujen's transfer off DS6 yet and Taja's still training his new manager to take over his shop on the promenade."

Taz was glad they were walking while Cari did the talking because if she hadn't already memorized the list of the first officer's family members,  she would have been hopelessly confused.  As it was, her head was still swirling with the data.

"My twins Rakk and Dakk aren't even on DS6, they are spending a year back on Denobula studying our history and culture." Cari continued. "Betta is out gallivanting across the galaxy, she's married to Taja too, so she's not aboard the station either.  I can't remember Jannya's new finance's name...not sure if he's going to be here..."

Broun.  Taz thought but didn't add.  She felt the subtle changes in the Excelsior's motion and the distinctive inaudible click of a successful docking.  Cari must have too because she quickened her pace.

"My youngest three - Vela, Seelan and Pandi are going to be here.  I've missed them so much." Cari said emphatically.  "Then there's the rest of the children, Nelea, Ariz, Arila, Asdi and Densi."   She hurriedly blurted their names out as they entered the compartment.

Almost instantly, the airlock hissed and clicked and Cari was surrounded by a veritable hoard of Denobulans in pretty much all shapes and sizes.  Taz watched as they hugged and kissed and teared up.  Cari had scooped up a little girl who was a bit younger than Malinda and turned to Taz beaming.

"Counselor Tazzia, this is my bunch of banana's".  She grinned in that special Denobulan way as she ruffled the child's hair.

Life aboard the Excelsior just got much more lively.....Taz thought as she stepped up to greet everyone.


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