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  Lt. Commander N'Tazzia, SD
The Bolian's Tale JDL
The Bolian's Tale
JDL:  Captain Michael Holden, Commander Stacey "Bones" Harris, Counselor N'Tazzia and Lt Drell Ratith (by Capt. Holden)

Lt. Drell Ratith looked at Captain Michael Holden whom had just described the object last seen on the U.S.S. Taurino's sensors prior to the Bolian's universe going completely awry.  “You have dealt with the object,” he asked.

“In a way,” Holden replied. “We encountered it while searching for a missing Firegon crew, that we rescued from a large bubble that the object has left them all floating in.”

“Yes!” Ratith said enthusiastically. “I spent what seemed like a lifetime in one of them, floating in a green haze. Then we…€… the other fifteen members of the Taurino crew and I, were deposited on that world.”

Taz looked back at Bones.   She knew the CMO was itching for a chance to examine and treat the Bolian, but there was so much they needed to learn...and do....and Drell was key.

"Lt, after you were freed from confinement, none of the Taurino crew was ever contacted by your abductors again?"

“No, Ma'am,” Ratith replied. “To be honest, I can't even say we ever had contact with them.  I mean…€… one minute I'm sleeping in my quarters aboard the Taurino then I'm floating in a green haze.  I was certain I was dreaming it all and just desperately wanted to wake up.”

Captain Holden listened to the Bolian's tale.  He wondered if there weren't more crew from the Taurino or Starbase 382 floating out there somewhere.

“Lieutenant,” Holden asked. “You say there are fifteen others on the planet.  Is that the total of crew who…€… landed on the surface with you? Were there any more?”

“That is the total, Captain,” Ratith confirmed.  “From what I've learned from our telepathic members, that is the total that were floating in the haze the entire time, which they believe to have been almost two years.”

Bones finally interrupted, "Guys, I'd REALLY like to take Mr. Drell to sickbay for a bit."

The captain turned to the chief medical officer, irritation clearly on his face. He wanted to learn more, but quickly realized Dr. Harris was right and nodded.  “Lt. Ratith. Go ahead with Dr. Harris and Counselor Tazzia.  I shall see to your…€… mount and be along directly.”

Drell nodded. “It will eat hay much as any Terran horse would, Sir,” he advised the captain and security chief whom had already taken hold of the reigns to hold the beast in place.  Turning back to Bones, Ratith said, “Lead on, Dr. Harris.”

Bones nodded her thanks to all and lead him to sickbay with Taz following along making small talk. Once in sickbay, the ladies got him settled in a bio bed. Nurse Temple fussed around setting up some equipment, but for the most part Dr. Harris wanted to handle this case herself. "You appear to be in pretty good shape considering. You've got some minor scrapes and injuries which we can take care of. Mostly, I want to get some extra fluids in you and some nourishment and vitamins, if you don't mind." Nodding his assent, Dr. Harris gave him a shot of stokaline and a couple others. She then showed him how to use the menu selector. "Ok, this is probably a bit more sophisticated than you're used to," she said with a wink. "I want you to have a good meal. Pick one out from this page. They're healthy and full of vitamins but not too large because we don't want to overdo it just yet. After you've eaten, I want you to take a nice shower. Med tech Jack can help you. Then you'll come back here to bed. We are going to fit you with an iv volume expander to give you some more fluids while you rest...a full 9 hours. Then and only then, can you go back to the captain and we will go from there. Understood?" She looked at both Drell and Taz.

After looking over the choices the doctor had put in front of him, Lt. Ratith made his choice.  He then looked to Taz and said in a conspiratorial tone, “She talks a lot, doesn't she?  Reminds me of my mom when I was little. …€Â˜Eat healthy,' …€Â˜take a shower.'”  He shook his head and chuckled.

Taz joined him in laughter.  "Oh my, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't enjoy being compared to a nagging mother."  She leaned in and whispered.  "Look out, rumor has it that she dialed in a special setting on her hypospray that she uses on her problem patients."  She winked.  '

"Hate to break up your little tete-a-tete."  Jack interjected.  "Hi, I'm Jack, Dr. Harris insisted that I help you with a shower."

"Let's not rush the lieutenant, Jack, he hasn't even had the chance to eat, which Bones also ordered."

Jack rolled his eyes and sighed melodramatically.  "Okay, okay...I'll back off."  He laid a pile of towels and a robe on the end of the bed.  "But if she comes after me, you better back me up."  He waggled a finger at Taz.

She nodded.  "You got it."   Taz told him and turned back to Drell.

"So, what did you decide to eat. I hope it wasn't the chicken."

“Well, umm…€… Yeah, it was,” Ratith said sheepishly.  “There wasn't any Bolian choices on there, so I went with the chicken.” He looked after Jack and then back to Taz. “Is he like,,, going to bathe me or something? I know I've been away from the Federation for some time, but they do have water and soap down there.”.

 "It's just that the chicken's nasty."  Taz looked around for Bones and didn't see her.  "How about this...I'll replicate the doctor approved food as well as whatever Bolian selections you want.  We can say the Bolian food is for me, there is a lot of Tesshuan food that's unfamiliar to pretty much everyone anyway.  Then we can switch trays,  The rubber chicken won't kill me and the extra vitamins can't hurt either."  She considered his question about Jack.  "I doubt he is supposed to actually assist you in the shower but he's probably supposed to be sure you follow Dr. Harris's orders and don't attempt a jailbreak.  I can only imagine you're eager to return to the planet and let your friends and crew mates know what's going on."

She stood.  "Let me go replicate some chow, before Bones comes back.  What am I eating today?"

 “No, no,” Ratith said jovially. “I will obey doctor's orders.  You just don't know how good it feels to be able to even See the doctor.  I didn't exactly fit in with those people down there.”

 "That must have been especially difficult for you." Taz nodded somewhat seriously.  "Normally, this is when I'd switch over to counselor mode."  She said more lightheartedly making air quotes to emphasize the words "counselor mode"..  "But right now, I'm going to both of us something to eat and we're going to enjoy a meal where I let you ask the questions and I hope to have some answers for you!"  She quickly got up and went to the replicator.

  Bones finished up checking on a few things and went back over to Drell's bedside with a PADD. She took note of his readings and nodded, "already looking better." She set up an IV. "We are going to get you hooked up to this once you've eaten and bathed so you can rest. How are you doing?"

“I'm doing quite well, Doctor,” the Bolian responded. “I am aboard a Federation starship. I can finally go home and see my family! How could I not be anything else?”


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