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  Captain Michael Holden, SD
"Finally Some Hope?"

“Finally Some Hope”

By Captain Holden




Drell Ratith had long since given up hope of ever seeing his homeworld, his family and his fellow Bolians.  He had long since resigned himself to making a life on this world with this pre-industrialized civilization.  It had been over ten years since he and fifteen other members of the science vessel, U.S.S. Taurino, had landed here.  They all had been simply existing in a green haze until the haze suddenly “popped” and they all found themselves naked and stranded on this technology-free world.


During the first three years here, the fifteen crew members worked to find a way to contact Starfleet. The best they came up with was a costanium deposit, that they knew would be detectable from orbit, which they dug out and managed to shape out a Starfleet emblem.  Surely any ship spotting that would know exactly what it meant.


Drell had been a science officer with the rank of lieutenant.  He knew what the deposit was on sight, which was good considering their lack of equipment to detect it.  He was certain someone would come looking for them.  Little did he know that the Borg had run rampant through the Alpha Quadrant, killing sixty three billion of the Federation's citizens and almost succeeding on wiping out Earth and the Federation, when they were stopped by the Caeliar. So, no help came.  The members of the Taurino were forced to make new lives on this world.


Drell had lost all hope of ever leaving this world.  That was until yeaterday afternoon, when he saw, and he is certain he saw them despite Sierra Gar's doubts, Starfleet officers standing along the road.


Drell took his stage, and parked it in the barn, then took one of the best serteths and rode into the hills to see if that “marker” was still there.


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