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Different, But The Same -- JPL: Commander Carishai, Counselor N'Tazzia

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Lt. Commander N'Tazzia & Commander Carishai
[Stardate ]

Different, But The Same
JPL: Commander Carishai, Counselor N'Tazzia

"Counselor!  What a nice surprise! Come in, come in!"  Commander Carishai stood from her seat and beckoned Taz into her new office.  "My apologies for not replying sooner to the message you left for me."

Taz's eyes swept around the first officer's work-space.  The entire area was in a rather remarkable state of disarray, considering the commander hadn't been aboard the Excelsior for more than a few days.

Cari chuckled, "As you see, I can be a bit disorganized...please, just push a stack or two of stuff out of your way and make yourself at home."

The counselor hesitated.  PADDs could survive a fair amount of jostling and since Denobulans didn't keep small creatures as pets, there probably was no risk of stepping on a tail,  but it still felt shove the commanders' belongings onto the deck.

"How about this?" Cari suggested, "Why don't we grab a bite in 12-Forward? I've been looking for an opportunity to sample some Tesshuan food, who better to offer me some recommendations!"

The first officer's demeanor was so effortlessly light and breezy. If it had been anyone else, Taz might have suspected it was an act, when instead, Taz knew Carishai was 100% genuine.

"Tesshuan food is often considered an acquired taste."  Taz replied, chatting as they walked.  "But fujian spadder is usually fairly well received as an introductory item." 

"Hmmm...well it's name does the least.  Is that animal or vegetable in nature?" The Denobulan asked entering the turbolift and requesting the destination.

Taz realized she had no idea about the commander's potential dietary restrictions or preferences.  "Uh, replicated?" She answered with a light chuckle.  "If we had access to actual Tesshuan flora and fauna, the basis would be sweetened and frozen mammary secretions from a creature called a drunala."

"Drunala?  Are those for real?"  Cari asked as they exited the lift.  "There was this horror vid out a couple of years twins were absolutely obsessed with it.  I can't remember it's name."

Taz nodded.  "That would be Rise of the Drunala."  She filled in the blank.  "It spawned a whole line of action toys and holodeck programs."

"And even MORE nightmares!" Cari sighed.  "I could almost be scared of them myself, a long tailed, seven foot tall monster covered in slimy scales....there was only one little problem."

Taz stopped and waited for the commander to continue.

"They're PINK!"   Cari laughed. 

Taz joined her in laughter.

"Well, technically, they're more of a fuchsia."


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