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  Captain Michael Holden, SD
Captain's Duty Log 201708.18

Captain's Log

Stardate 201708.18


It has been six hours since we stopped the nuclear destruction of Hidargo by intercepting and eliminating all the launched missiles.  To our satisfaction, the powers on that planet, in both hemispheres, have looked for a cause of the missiles' disappearance as opposed to launching more.  Both sides now see that a higher power has interceded on their behalf.  They aren't sure if it was the “large black bird-like ship” that they saw leaving their world or what, but it now has both sides talking again.  This is what we want.  Excelsior had withdrawn to its earlier vantage point on the dark side of their moon and we are continuing to monitor the situation.  I Know we really cannot do any more than we already have, but…… I just don't want to leave without knowing that they are all on the reaceful track they were before the Mecaw's intervention.  We will wait another forty-eight hours before we depart the system ourselves.  As per Admiral Katera's instructions, we will be leaving behind a probe to continually monitor the progress on Hidargo.


End log

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