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  Captain Michael Holden, SD
"Nothing But Green"

”Nothing But Green”

By Captain Michael Holden




Ensign Eoron Rei awoke. At least he thought he was awake, but he was afraid to open his eyes.  The young Betazoid was worried that he would not see the beautiful sky of home, or even see the confines of his simple, shared quarters on the starbase, but that he would see only green.  The same green he woke up to time and again.  Eoron had no clue how he came to be in this…… sea of green, or where he even was.  He remembered retiring for the night, and waking up here.  If this was a bad dream, he wanted desperately for it to end. But, he knew he was awake.  Eoron opened his eyes.  All he saw was the green.


Eoron wasn't hungry, but he craved solid food. Food with taste.  Somehow, though he was receiving the necessary nutrients to sustain his life.  He was also as naked as his wedding day, had he ever been married.  This alone was not a surprise, for he had gone to bed this way and often slept such, but he certainly did not wake up in his quarters.


The Betazoid yearned for touch.  It felt like weeks since he had enjoyed the pleasures of Jarik, his Academy roommate, now turned his part time lover.  He had no concept of how long he had actually been …… floating? Yes, that could be a good description, floating in this sea of green, but just something told him it was weeks.  Eorong knew he was not alone here, though. He could feel others' presence, he just could not communicate with them, no matter what he did.  His only salvation was his dreams.  Or was all this just the dream?


In his latest dream, and Eoron was pretty sure it was a dream, he heard a voice.  The voice was calling out to him, maybe not him specifically, but he heard the voice.  He answered it to.  Eoron was certain this would be his salvation, a way out of this sea of green, but the voice was suddenly cut off.  He had listened and listened, but the voice did not return.


Still, Eoron held out hope. Hope that one of these times he would again fall asleep and hear the voice, and be able to lead the voice to him.


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