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Deck 13 -- PL : Counselor N'Tazzia

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Lt. Commander N'Tazzia
[Stardate ]


Deck 13
PL : Counselor N'Tazzia

In between clients, Taz took a break.  She replicated a large hot mug of chamomile tea, a sticky Tesshuan pastry called a basyou and sat down to catch up on her email.  A newly received entry with the subject line "Deck 13" caught her attention. The subject was intriguing, but even more so was who the missive was from. The email had come from the Excelsior's new XO, Commander Carishai.

Taz took a sip of her tea and opened the message.

Only one thing, there was no message.

Instead there were page after page of diagrams showing well-thought out revisions to Deck 13.  Commander Carishai or the ship's quartermaster's office had put a lot of effort into rethinking the use for the under-utilized deck.

If the construction went forward, the smaller individual crew quarters would be combined and transformed into two large family-style living spaces.  The section designated "Holden" offered an open entertaining area, four bedroom suites, a huge kitchen/dining area, many storage spaces and closets, two areas that were provisionally marked as offices and a small studio style apartment which opened into the main living area as well as out into the corridor.

The original mess hall had been left in place but it was now designated "Captain's Mess". Connected by an actual kitchen and pantry to the Captain's Mess, was an "Officer's Mess".

On the other side of the deck, which had been set aside as a cargo bay, showed that it was to be refashioned into a gym, a child-care area, a medical bay and a small garden.

The rest of Deck 13 consisted of a maze-like set of living quarters for Commander Carishai's huge family. Taz knew that Denobulans had large families but judging from what she saw on the diagrams, the new First Officer was moving in with ten children and six adults.

It was nice to daydream of being able to get out of the "VIP Quarters" and to have ample space for their family but Taz felt a bit blindsided by everything.

She barely knew Commander Carishai and the idea of living on the same deck was odd.

It even seemed stranger when she realized that Commander Carishai had apparently sent Michael a copy of the plans to remodel deck 13.

Why hadn't he given her a heads-up about the Commander's idea?


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