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  Captain Michael Holden, SD
"Starraven Ra'ath"

“Starrave Ra'ath”

By Captain Holden


On the main view screen aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior was a being who very closely resembled the Mecaw they face down when the fleet was on its way to Hidargo. Captain Michael Holden would have sworn he was looking at the same Mecaw, but the beak was probably a shade lighter.


You have my attention, Captain Holden,” the starraven said. “What do you want?”


“I thought I made that pretty clear in my transmissions, Starraven,” Holden said.

Why don't you just repeat it,” the Mecaw demanded.  There was some cackling in the background.


“We want you to cease what you are doing to the people of Hidargo and leave the system.”


Why are you worried about this …… how would you Feds put it?.. this back-water planet?


“We consider it a per-warp civilization that deserves the right to develop on their own.” Holden said.  “That means without interference from off-world beings.”  Again, cackling could be heard on the other end of the comm link.


The starraven looked off-screen momentarily and the cackling ceased.  Looking back to the screen the starraven said, “We claim this planet in the name of the Mecaw.”


“Unacceptable,” Holden stated. In the background, he heard his wife's voice calling.  Commander Lobren took the imitative to intercept the call.  “We will not stand by and allow that to happen.”


And just what will you do about it, Captain Holden?” the Mecaw flock leader asked. “We know you won't risk the people of this planet seeing your ship. That would violate your Prime Directive. Oh, we know all about your Prime Directive.


“Good to know you've done your homework on us, Starraven…… “ Holden trailed off, hoping the Mecaw would fill in the rest.


Ra'ath, Starraven Ra'ath finshed obligingly. “Leader of the Nineteenth  Flock of the Mecaw, and I do not know of what your refer to this…… homework.”


“Just something from my childhood,” Holbren told him. “Basically, it is good to see your intelligence has informed you about us, but…… Has it told you all about us?”


The starraven narrowed his eyes, well the one theycould see because Ra'ath's head was turned slightly to the left. “Such as?”


“did your intelligence on us tell you that we would take preemptive move like taking your shuttle and two of your flock into custody?” Holden asked. “Did your intelligence tell you that we would intercept your reinforcements and demonstrate what two Federation starships are capable of, including the destruction of your shuttle?”


There was a momentary pause.  “No……” Ra'ath answered with a bit less confidence.


“Did your intelligence tell you we would target your base, which we have, with our phasers? We could simply wipe out your base and let the people of Hidargo try and figure it out.”


Again there was a pause. Ra'ath could be seen looking off screen. After a moment, he turned back to the screen.  “We'll get right back to you.” And the screnn went blank.


“I won't wait long, Ra'ath,” Holden said.


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