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  Commander Carishai, Lt. Commander N'Tazzia, Commander Zarian Lobren, Commander Stacey Harris, SD
Ruffling Feathers and Fur.....
Ruffling Feathers and Fur.....
JDL:  Cmdr Stacey "Bones" Harris, Cmdr Carishai, Cnslr N'Tazzia and Deputy Maverick

Briefing room 3 was filled with the deafening shrieks from both of the  Mecaw.  One of them lay pinned to the deck. It tried pecking at  Maverick's lags, but the wolf deflected each maneuver by the pinned bird-being
The second Mecaw cowered in the corner, about three feet away from his brethren.
Carishai was taken off guard by Maverick's actions. She had read over the sentient wolf's file but nothing in it had prepared her for this level of intensity...she was pretty sure he wouldn't hurt the Mecaw but she wasn't inclined to take that chance.
The first officer spread her arms out and tried stepping between the bird and the wolf. "Stop! Please!"
Taz wasn't concerned about Maverick but she went over to the second Mecaw whose eyes were as big as saucers and who was pressing himself into the bulkhead so hard that she was concerned he was going to hurt himself without any help from Maverick.
~~It's going to be okay~~  She said, trying to calm the Mecaw telepathically.  "But you need to contact your starraven and get the rest of Mecaw on the planet to stop causing trouble."
At Carishai's first insistence, Maverick stepped off the Mecaw he had been pinning down. He paced away from the screeching being and sat down.  The Mecaw's shrieks continued.  Taz could tell at that point the Mecaw was more than scared.
"Bones!"  Taz turned her attention from the second Mecaw back to the other.  "He's hurt."  She said indicating the crying bird.  Even though she had never tried anything like it  before, Taz attempted to lessen the pain and distress the Mecaw was feeling.  She didn't hide what she was doing and simply sent soothing thoughts to the big bird.
The doctor, who was on the other side of the room, sprang into action at the cries of the bird. "Mav, move out of the way." The Wolf seemed reluctant to do so, but eventually acquiesced. Bones knelt down and scanned her patient. "It's got a broken femur bone."
"You can fix it right?"  Commander Carishai asked the CMO concerned with the Mecaw's condition. Her hand hovered near her commbadge,  "Do we need a site to site transport to sickbay?"
The doctor looked at the commander briefly and raised her eyebrow. It seemed that the new commander knew as little about her new crew as they did about her. Bones finished with the bone knitter. "It's already fixed, commander." She said as she gave the bird a painkiller.
The first officer looked at Bones with skepticism and surprise.  "Fixed?  But the Mecaw are a largely unknown species.  How did you....never mind, I'll save my questions for later."   She addressed Taz.
"Find out if the Mecaw flock on the planet are still stirring up trouble with the Hidargo populace or if these two saw the light and talked some sense in their starraven"
"Right away commander."  Taz nodded as she moved a discreet distance away before activating her commbadge. "Captain, have we heard from the Mecaw on the planet or have we detected any signs that they've backed off?"
“They stopped! THEY STOPPED!” the second Mecaw shrieked. He glanced quickly to his companion who was, luckily, out of range to smack him down again.
Counselor, this is Lobren,” came the reply over Taz's combadge.  “The cap'n is  talkin' ta one o' them now.
Taz's relief was obvious. "That's very good news Commander.  Do you want all four of us to stay down here with these two?"  The second she said it, she realized her faux pas.
"Yes, stay here with our guests Counselor Tazzia." Commander Carishai said with a smile.   Thankfully, she didn't look or sound upset with the counselor.  "I'll be returning to the bridge and Deputy Maverick will accompany me." She announced.  "Dr Harris, if you feel the Mecaw require additional medical treatment, make sure they are tended to as you feel necessary, otherwise you are free to return to your normal duties."
Bones nodded and gave a little salute, then returned to check on her handiwork with the Mecaw. 
Carishai returned Bones' salute with a smile before she turned to leave.   She waited for Maverick to join her. The wolf actually paused. He looked between Taz and the Mecaw, then to Carishai.  He gave a small whimper and sat back down.
Taz sensed Mav's hesitation and saw him sit.  She was about too say something when Commander Carishai  spoke up.
"Is there a problem?"  Carishai asked looking at Maverick.  She then dropped down onto one knee in front of the wolf and smiled at him.  "I like you Mav, you're unique and it's admirable that you're protective of the counselor and the doctor but they are Starfleet officers and are capable of taking care of themselves.  I'm not sure why you haven't chosen to speak with me telepathically yet but I know you understand Standard and you certainly know an order when you hear one....so come on, we are going to the bridge."  She stood back up.

Bones looked up and smirked, then resumed putting a small plasti-patch on the Mecaw.

Maverick, once again looked between Taz and the Mecaw, then his gaze went to the two security officers.  Reluctantly, he stood up and followed Carishai out.


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