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  Commander Carishai, Captain Michael Holden, Commander Zarian Lobren, SD
Calculated Moves - DL:Holden, Lobren, Carishai
Calculated Moves
JDL: Captain Michael Holden, Commander Lobren and Commander Carishai

It took less than five minutes from the time Captain Michael Holden made the call, summoning the Brikar to the conference room, until the doors slid open.  The overly large officer strode in the room, laid eyes on the captain and Commander Carishai and stopped dead in his tracks.  The wolf, Maverick was right by his side.
"Commander Lobren reportin' as ordered," the acting executive officer opened with.
"Thank you for coming so promptly, Commander," Holden said in greeting.  He knew, of course, Lobren knew there was no other choice but to respond to the captain's order. "I want you to meet Commander Carishai, formerly of Deep Space 6."
"Formerly, eh?" the Brikar questioned. He looked to Carishai. "Greetin's, Commander. I'm assumin' this will be a 'welcome ta th' XL' occasion."
The Denobulan hadn't taken her eyes off Maverick since he and Lobren had entered the conference room.  She dropped to one knee and studied the wolf closely. "I had read Starfleet's file on you Deputy Maverick but it didn't prepare me for how magnificent you are!"   She told him before rising and straightening her uniform.  "My apologies Commander Lobren, I hope I didn't slight you but the deputy is such a fascinating being I couldn't help myself."  She flashed him a smile then looked over to Captain Holden.

"Yeah, he's the better lookin' o' th' two of us," Lobren stated before the captain could say anything. "An' probably the smarter. Right, Cap'n?"  Maverick had not moved from Lobren's side. He looked Carishai over and sat down.

"I would say the better looking, Commander," Holden joked. "Commander... Zarian... "

"Uh-oh," the Brikar interrupted.  "I screwed up that bad, eh? They askin' fer my resignation?"

"No," Holden said immediately and evenly. "In fact you retain your rank as commander.  Commander Carishai will be replacing you as executive officer.  Effective immediately you will resume your duties as overall chief tactical and security officer... If you choose to remain on the ship that is."

"Do ya want me to remain, Cap'n?" Lobren felt Maverick nudge his hand once.

"Yes, Commander," Holden said in a sure, confident tone. "I would understand if you wished not to, though."
The conference room was deathly quiet for a long moment. Lobren studied his commanding officer. He could see, without it being said that this was not an easy move for the man to have made.  The Brikar straightened.  "I have no place else ta go, Sir.  Nor do I wish ta leave. Thank ya fer not suger-coatin' all o' this." He looked to Carishai. "I will move my stuff from the XO's office b'fore we reach Hidargo, Commander."
"Unless you're in a big rush to move your things out, please feel free to take your time. I'm happy to borrow a briefing room temporarily until you can find a convenient time to relocate your belongings."

"Nah," Lobren assured her.  "I ain't got much in there. I guess I always knew this was temporary." He looked back to Captain Holden. "Will there be anythin' else, Sir?"

"No, Commander. That will be all," Holden replied. He wanted to say do much more to the Brikar, but he knew it would only amount to "sugar-coating," as Lobren had put it.  He hoped that his security chief knew how much confidence he, Holden, really did have for him.

"Thank ya, Sir," Lobren said as crisply as he was capable of. He turned one more time to Carishai. "Welcome, again, aboard, Commander. Ya'll find this a unique and outstanding crew." He then turned and exited the conference room.
Cari wanted to rush after the Brikar -- she had wanted to say a lot more,ask him some questions -- but she just watched him go.
"I'm glad he decided to stay aboard.  His expertise is valuable to the ship and his presence is important to the crew." Cari said to Holden.  "There are a few items that I'll need to go over with you sir, when you have the time."
Holden nodded, his eyes still fixed on the now closed set of doors leading to the corridor. "Looks like now is good, Commander," he said halfheartedly.
"I knew about Excelsior having sub-mode sir.  Relentless worked alongside Dauntless on a...classified...mission and we were temporarily outfitted with the technology for the duration. Excelsior's experience with using it against the Enclave was studied as an effective utilization."

Captain Holden narrowed his eyes. If they had it on Relentless, then why was Admiral Katera surprised at the abilities of the technology.  He kept his misgivings to himself.  "It's good you are familiar with it, Commander."
Cari was quick to pick up on Holden's curiosity.  "I should have explained that certain aspects of what we were doing weren't divulged outside of the task force.  But while keeping details from my commanding officer was deemed necessary, it never felt right to me. Before I accepted this posting, I obtained clearance to read you in sir. It's important that you know you can trust me to be upfront with you."
"I appreciate that," Holden acknowledged. "A commanding officer needs that trust with his or her XO."  The captain still wondered why Relentless wouldn't still possess the technology, but decided it might raise too many questions that just could not be publicly answered.
"How familiar are you with Denobulan family groups Captain?"

Holden smiled.  "Not as familiar as I am going to be, I assume."
Carishai's laugh sounded like a thousand bells.  "You have no idea.  The details are being transferred to Excelsior's computer but the short version is that my immediate family consists of sixteen individuals. Ten of which are children."
The captain did not even try to disguise the surprise on his face. “Sixteen?  Ten children?” he asked. “We are almost going to have to dedicate an entire deck section…… If they're all coming aboard.”
His reaction didn't seem to surprise -- or faze -- Cari in the least.  "Yes sir, eventually my family will all join me.  Right now, only two of my husband's wives and eight of our children are able to move in.     I do have an idea." She reached over and activated the display console. A few taps brought up a cut-away view of the ship and several more zoomed in further.

"Deck 13"  She stated.  "Living Quarters, Cargo Bay 2 and a mess hall.  It wouldn't be difficult for ships services to convert the entire deck into two sets of family living quarters, a Captain's mess and whatever else that might be needed."
Holden, again, nodded.  “Talk to the quartermaster and let's see what can be done to accommodate you and your family.”

Her and Captain Holden's commbadges went off simultaneously.  "Our Mecaw guests are uh, in a flap about something sirs." A sibilant voce advised the two officers.

Carishai's eyes widened and she gave a low whistle.  "News sure travels fast around here." She commented.

She nodded to Holden before replying.  "Understood.  Thanks for the update."

"Unless you have any objections, I can go in and see what's wrong with the Mecaw."

Holden seemed to be lost in thought they left the briefing room.
Is he contemplating how to best deal with the Mecaw or did he just realize that I suggested setting up not one but TWO sets of family quarters and a Captain's mess on Deck 13?   She thought stepping into the turbolift. Sure seems like being the first officer on this ship is going to be one heck of a ride.


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