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  Commander Zarian Lobren & Commander Stacey Harris, SD
"Womethin's Definitely Not Right" JDL
"Somethin's Definitely Not Right"
JDL: Commander Lobren & Dr. (Bones) Harris

Commander Zarian Lobren watched his captain and the ship's counselor leave the bridge together.  He glanced over to the chief medical officer who still stood just off to one side of the command seat. The Brikar caught Dr. Stacey (Bones) Harris's eyes and patted the seat to his left which was normally the counselor's seat.

Bones saw the Brikar and shrugged. She went and sat down and turned to him, "strange times, eh?"

Just slightly put off that the captain did not want to discuss a strategy for dealing with the “Dirty Birds,” Lobren made the full upper body motion that the crew came to accept as a nod.  “Strange indeed.  Did you get th' feelin' there was a lot more on th' cap'n's mind that he wasn' talkin' about?”

Bones looked at him and the prying ears of the crew. "I did indeed. Ready Room? I have to use the head in there anyway."

Lobren chuckled and rose from the center seat.  Only Doc Harris would be the one to use the captain's private fresher as opposed to the crew one off the bridge. "Mick. Ya got th' bridge. Keep alert fer th' admiral's signal that they're transportin' over."

Once the order had been acknowledged, Lobren allowed Dr. Harris to lead the way to the captain's ready room.  He waited as she used the private facilities.  When she emerged, he asked, "So? Spill yer opinion."

Bones walked out of the Ready Room head still wiping her hands on the nice plush towel she held. She held it up, "look at this fancy thing! Huh. I'm going to go in here more often." She sat down behind the desk and made herself comfortable, grabbing and munching on an apple off the bowl on the desk. "Something is going on. The cap seems...I don't know, cagey? I think something is going on with the brass or something. Maybe Taz will get it out of him right now." She shrugged. "What do you think?"

"I think ya should jus' make yerself at home, Doc," the Brikar quipped.  "I also think somethin's up.  The Cap'n hardly een looked at me when he came back from his meetin' with the admiral. I mean... It's not like he stares at me or anythin', but he usually talks an' looks at me a bit more than he did this whole time." Lobren paced the office.  "Ya think that admiral is gonna replace 'im?  Did I mess it up that badly fer 'im?"

Bones looked at her apple and shined it on her lab coat. "Lob...he's being weird with you and Taz and I. Either the brassholes want to replace you or Taz or I... or they don't like that Taz and the capn are married." She shrugged.

"Well then they can replace me," Lobren said angrily. "I never wanted ta be XO ta begin wit'. Yer husband drug me inta it."

Bones bristled, "whoa whoa whoa, you could have said no. Hell, I've turned down that job like three times myself, but that was way in the past. They don't even ask me anymore." She took another bite of the apple. "I'm too much of a liability I guess."

"I couldn'a turned th' skipper down," Lobren admitted. "You sure didn'." 

Bones smirked, "touché." 

She leaned back in the chair and tossed the apple core into the trash. "Ok, so now what should we do?"

Commander Lobren opened his mouth to answer, but was interrupted by the chirp of the comm telling him that the signal from the Relentless was received. After acknowledging the message, Lobren looked at Bones and said, "I guess we go take care o' that."

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