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  Commander Carishai & Lieutenant Baela Chim'logh, SD
On Some Conditions -- JL Commander Carishai and Lt. Baela Chim'logh
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JL Commander Carishai and Lt. Baela Chim'logh

(This takes place right after the sim of 7/23/17)

Admiral Katera acknowledged Commander Carishai's request for the opportunity to speak with the bridge crew of Relentless alone and excused himself.

Carishai stood up and cleared her throat.

“This is harder than I thought it would be. You all are excellent officers and even friends and it's been a true honor serving with you. I know I'm going to miss you, Relentless and Deep Space Six, but I was offered the opportunity to take the Executive Officer position on Excelsior and I've accepted.”

She looked around at the bridge crew and smiled.

Lt. Pandora Wabols spoke up.  “But what about your family? Are they coming with you?”  She asked.

“Eventually, yes.  Trave is going to be making the arrangements and there are a few minor details that will work out over time.” Carishai answered.  “You know that moving a Denobulan family is anything but easy.”

“Gee Cari, I'm going to miss you.” Wabols said dejectedly.

“I'm going to miss you too Dora, I'm already missing all of you.  But hey, you...any of you can comm me when you like.  And I WILL be keeping up with your lives and following your careers, so keep your ridges or nose clean.”   She told them with a wink.  “And I'll try to get back to DS6 when I can, it's always going to hold a big place in my heart.”

The Denobulan headed toward the turbolift.

“Lt Chim'logh, please join me, I need to speak with you.”

Baela grunted as she often did at commands that took her away from her duty. She found work lead her down long paths of concentration and each interruption put her off balance. "Yes Commander. One moment." She closed out her work on the console, logged out, then walked to the lift. Her eyes were bright with attention to her commander as she took her place on the lift floor. "Is there something I can help you with Commander?"

“Actually, I'm hoping that there is something that I can help you with Baela.”  She watched closely for any reaction.  “I remember when we first met.  It was difficult for me not to see that your posting with Starfleet wasn't challenging enough for you.  Serving as an exchange officer isn't something everyone is ideally suited for, no matter what their culture or species.”  Carishai paused.

When the Klingon didn't speak up, Carishai continued.  “Whatever is said in this TL is between us. So speak as freely as you like.”

"I was ordered to this exchange program to assimilate knowledge we begrudgingly know Starfleet is ahead of the Klingon Empire on. Your vessels are often able to outrun is at warp and impulse." She stopped to think of the passage of time. "That was three years ago. I do not know if they still value the knowledge I have gathered and shared. Warp field mechanics is not always a challenging field of study on the surface, but none of us would be here without it." She looked Carishai in the eyes. "What can you help me with exactly?"

“First off, I am not factoring in what the Empire might stand to gain.  I'd much prefer they'd just ASK…….” She laughed.  “What I do care about is that an excellent officer is wasting her time basically sitting around on various space stations.  I was shocked when I saw the orders transferring you to DS6.  It read as so much more politics than any attempt to use or further your skills.  Am I correct?”
"There are two factors. One, the area of space surrounding Deep Space Six is relatively quiet from a subspace interference perspective. Secondly, I think they can keep tabs on me far easier on a stationary platform than a roaming starship." She looked at her with puzzlement. "The station allowed me to meditate to calm myself after that incident with the Ferengi. Your doctors ordered me to try those techniques so I was not a danger to others...or myself." She looked forward. "Whether Starfleet, Romulans, or Klingons, everything is political."

Carishai slapped her hand down on Baela's shoulder.  “I think they may have been shortsighted. Cooping some people up and not allowing them to perform meaningful work or have a decent chance to relax in a way that rings true to them is a quick way to make work for the doctors and counselors.  Meditation is a nice tool to have access to, but I've always found that a good game of Velocity...or sex for that matter, is far more relaxing.” Cari smiled.  “But back to what I hope to do for you.  DS6 is a great place, but aside from an occasion border skirmish or bad neighbors, not as stimulating as say, the Excelsior can be.  Wouldn't you agree?”

"Having not served on that vessel I would not know, nor do I think any of the males on their crew could handle me in the bed." She smirked and turned towards her Commander. "Let me guess, you are going to transfer to the Excelsior and you wish me to join you for...excitement's sake? Is that about right Commander?" /next

Baela's conjecture made Carishai giggle.   “Well, yes and no……more to offer you an opportunity to be out here, exploring space and able to observe space in it's many forms.  You could always decline the transfer. “

"And you could order the transfer and I'd have no choice. Then I could flatten you right here on the floor of the turbolift, then a starship is the last place I'd be posted." She grimaced and grunted as she thought this thing through. "There would be conditions..."

“Don't underestimate me. “ Carishai winked.  “I could have just sent your new orders to your quarters and not taken my chances with the lift.  So, what are your conditions?”

She started right away. "I would need my own simulation lab, better processor than I have access to now...my own quarters as I can't have other's disturb my meditation...and, well, that's it. I can find my own mate." She raised one brow, wondering if her request was too much.

“Are you kidding me?  Is that ALL you want? I can't imagine any of that being an issue in the least...in fact, I'll personally see that everything is taken care of.”

"Commander, the greatest thing for a Klingon is honor, and you can neither give it to me, nor take it away. Wait, what? I could have asked for more?"

“While you serve on the Excelsior...I intend to make sure your given the same level of respect as any officer.  If you need something, you only need ask and if it's something that can be done or would be done for any other officer, ...it will be.”

The lift started to slow and come to a halt, but neither of them moved to cause the doors to open. "Commander, in that room I will get, I will need one thing in it."

"What's that Lieutenant?" Carishai asked.

Baela laughed. "A sturdy bed."


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