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Squeezing in Some Private Time

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Lt. Commander N'Tazzia, Captain Michael Holden, Commander Zarian Lobren
[Stardate ]

Squeezing in Some Private Time
JL: Captain Michael Holden, Cmdr Lobren and Counselor N'Tazzia

(This takes place right after the sim of 7/23/17)

“Helm, set course for Hidargo, Warp 7,” Captain Michael Holden ordered, standing from the command chair aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior. He looked to the executive officer's seat. “Commander, you have the bridge. Alert me when Admiral Katera and Commander Carishai come aboard.”

“Aye, Sir,” the Brikar replied, moving to the center sear.

Captain Holden looked to the ship's counselor. “Commander, would you please join me.”

"Yes sir." Taz replied as she rose. "Do you want to see me in the Ready Room?" She asked, not quite sure yet what Michael -- her husband, AND the Captain of the Excelsior, needed.

“No,” Holden answered, lightly taking her arm and guiding her to the turbo-lift. Once inside, and the door closed, he ordered the lift to his quarters, then turned and pulled Taz into a passionate kiss.

Taz melted into their kiss. She badly needed and wanted this. She desperately wished she would never have to come up for air. When Michael had to break away, Taz pushed him into the wall of the turbolift and pressed her lips to his with a fiery intensity. Taz could sense the tantalizing swirl of emotions that Michael was experiencing and she made sure that he was able to sense what she was feeling too. She persisted in their kiss until she felt the almost imperceptible cessation of movement in the turbolift.

This time she broke away and reflexively straightened her uniform. "Wow." She said with a sly smile. "I sure hope the kids aren't home."

As luck would have it, the kids were not home. Eli was off studying, Malinda was in school and Mikey was with the daycare center. Thus, twenty minutes and a quick sonic shower later, both officers were once again donning their uniforms.

“I needed that as well,” Holden finally replied to her statement in the lift. “Do you think the day care center will mind a visit? I also need a moment with at least one of my kids.”

"Of course they won't mind. In fact, I'll come with you." She answered. Taz looked into the mirror and twisted her hair back on top of her head. The slightest tinge of sadness and regret could be seen reflected in her eyes.

"All done." She said smiling and gave Michael a quick kiss. "Let's go before I get....distracted...."

“What could possibly distract you?” Holden asked his wife playfully. He give her a light squeeze as they exited the room.

The day care center was quiet as the captain and counselor entered. The center coordinator seemed surprised to see them. Captain Holden let Taz do all the talking as she assured the woman that all was fine, they just were here to visit with Mikey.
“He must have known you were coming,” the coordinator said. “He's been awake, and very quiet, for the past ten minutes.” She led them into the infant care area.

Holden looked into the “crib” where is son was. Sure enough, Mikey was wide awake. Holden saw the baby smile at their arrival. “C'mere, my little man,” the captain said as he gently lifted the boy from the crib.

Taz leaned on her husband as he lovingly cradled his son. When she reached out to stoke his hair, the baby latched onto her finger with his tiny hand and stuck it in his mouth. "Hungry men seem to run in this family." She said delicately removing her finger. "He's not due for a bottle for another forty-five minutes." She brushed his baby-soft hair back with her hand and allowed Michael to hold him for as long as he was able. "The answer is 'No'." She told her husband with certainty.

He gave her a puzzled look.
"Mikey's not a telepath, or an empath either for that matter," She replied. "Believe me, I've checked, Kelandra has checked and T'Zel checked too. Mikey shows no sign of any extra-sensory abilities. Our boy is quite a bit ahead of most babies on the growth curve. Plus he has excellent motor skills and shows a few signs that he might be of above average intelligence. If Darla thought it like seemed he knew we were coming to see him, but it was just a coincidence."

Michael looked down, again, at his son. The boy met his gaze and again smiled. Holden couldn't help but smile in return. “I don't care if you're telepathic or not. I don't care if you know we were coming or not…… Well, maybe I thought that would have been cool if you did, but…… All I care about is that you are healthy and happy.”

Taz smiled too. "He is. And he is certainly crazy about his dada." Taz looked at her husband with loving eyes. I am so lucky to have found you, this little guy is such a wonderful addition to our family."

Mikey turned his head toward his mother then back at his dad. "Yeeeeeeeuuaaa!" He shrieked excitedly, as if he had made a momentous discovery.

"Da....aa....da!!!" He announced loudly. "Aaaa .....da!!" He giggled looking pleased with himself.

Taz gasped and her mouth gaped open. "That sounded a lot like dada. But he's way too little......"

Mikey crinkled his nose and babbled. "!"

“That's right, my little man,” Holden said smiling from ear to ear. “You tell your mommy, …˜I know who my daddy is'.” His smile did not fade even when his commbadge chirped.

Bridge ta Cap'n Holden,” came the voice of Commander Lobren. The captain gently handed his son over to Taz, then he tapped his badge.

“Proceed, Commander.” His eyes never left Mikey.

Th' admiral an' Commander Carishai have beamed over. They're on their way ta Briefin' Room 1, which has been set up, Sir.”

“Very good, Commander,” Holden replied. “I'm on my way. Holden out.”

Tapping the comm link closed, Captain Holden reached over and gently touched his son's little hand, which quickly grasped his finger. “I have to go back to work, Mikey, but I can't wait to see you tonight.” He then kissed Taz's cheek. “Thank you, My Love…… “ His mind briefly flashed over to their lunch “break” and then to all that she had given him since they met. “For everything.”

Taz cuddled the baby. "I look forward to seeing you later too my love." She said with a chuckle, knowing he had been talking to Mikey. "And your big secret is safe with me, I promise not to let on to the crew what a softie you are when off-duty." She gave him another quick kiss. "I'm going to stay here a little longer. I sure hope that Admiral Katera gives you permission to make known whatever mysterious information he gave you when you went over to Relentless.

Holden's smile faded at the memory of news he had yet to deliver. “That will come out soon enough,” he simply told her and walked off to meet with the admiral and his new XO.


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