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  Commander Zarian Lobren & Captain Michael Holden, SD
"What WERE You Thinking?" JDL

“What WERE You Thinking?”

JDL: Captain Holden & Commander Lobren


The door to the captain's ready room had barely closed when Captain Michael Holden confronted his executive officer.  “What were  you thinking?”


“I was thinkin' them mooks're messin' with that planet,” Lobren replied immediately, “an' they're callin fer help, an' I gotta stop …€Â˜em.”


“You fired the first shot, Commander,” Holden argued. “You just may have started an inter-stellar war! Not to mention you disobeyed the Prime Directive.”


“Did I, Cap'n?” Lobren asked. “Did I rire th' first shot, or did they by attackin' our telepaths?”


“You didn't know that when you attacked that shuttle, Commander,” Holden pointed out. “and you allower a pre-warp civilization to see you!”


“Pshhhhh!” Lobren sounded out with a dismissive wave of his three-fingered hand. “They only got radar.  All they saw was a blip!”


“Oh?” Holden asked.  He tapped a command on the computer console and spun the screen so Lobren could see it.  There was a clear image of Belaya attacking the alien shuttle and then taking it in tow.


“Oh,” Lobren commented.  “Toonz assured me all they had for sensin' equipment was th' radar.”


“Well apparently, Ensign Toonz missed the imaging scopes on the satellite,” Holden said. “now do you see the dilemma?”


“Yeah,” Lobren admitted. “I see that, but Cap'n, ya gotta admit. They're doin' no good on that planet an' they were callin' fer help when we …€… I stopped …€Â˜em.”


“Apparently they were,” Holden said, “but it was still an unprovoked attack. We had no right, Commander. This is not considered Federation space. These people have no idea the Federation even exists.”


“So we just let th' Angry Birds take over a planet?” Lobren asked.  “Enslave a population, possibly even force them ta annihilate each other?”


Captain Holden wanted to argue further with the Brikar, but he was having trouble finding the argument.  Lobren did overstep his boundaries, but he was right in his hunch. In a calmer voice, he said, “Commander. This wasn't our decision to make.  You shouid have given me the opportunity to report this to Command and let them decide.”


“An' if they'd a told us ta go on our way?” Lobren asked. “You'd a been fine with it, knowin' what we know?”


“No, Zarian. I would not have been fine with it,” Holden admitted. “But at least we would have had some more data to back us up.  You jumped the gun here when you attacked them.  What if because of your intervention, they've sped up whatever time table they have for whatever it is they're doing? Or what if they'd have had a warship hidden in the system?  There are so many variables here we still don't know. I haven't heard back from Taz yet. What if they truly are observing the planet?”


“Ya b'lieve that, Cap'n?” Lobren asked. “Two major powers onna world, that were ready ta become one, an' then alla sudden they're suspicious o' one another.  They have ships and planes disappear. I ain't th' sharpest tack on this ship, Sir, but even I see what's happenin' down there.”


“But the Prime Directive…€…”


“No!” Lobren interrupted. “Don' go there. Ya think havin' some alien species come ta yer planet an' mess wit' yer minds ta do whatever it is these mooks wanna do is part o' th' planet's natural development?  I don' buy it.”


Again, the captain found it difficult to argue the Brikar's point.  He remained silent a moment, trying to figure the best way out of all of this. Finally, he gave an exasperated sigh.  “I had to send a report to Starfleet, especially after that became apparent.” He pointed to the image of Belaya.


“That's fine,” Lobren stated. “I'll take responsibility fer it.  Both Ensign Toonz an' Ensign T'Radt were followin' orders. They shouldn' take no heat over it.”


“They won't,” Holden agreed. “The most they will have to hear is a review of the Directive and its finer meanings.”


Lobren grunted. “Right!”


“Before we worry about any further disciplinary actions,” Holden said, “let's see how Taz made out with the aliens. If it comes out their intentions are to do harm to the planet, we'll find a way around this.”


“Cap'n, I'm good with what I did.  If I haveta take a drop in rank or even get booted as yer XO, I'm good with it. I'd do it again if I had it ta do again.  I know it here.. “ He placed his hand over his stomach area. “…€… they're nasty an' up ta no good. If Starfleet can't handle that, then maybe I don' even b'long on this ship.”


Captain Holden nodded.  “I respect that, Commander.  I just hope Starfleet does as well.”

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