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  Captain Michael Holden & Captain Michael Holden, SD
"The Alien Shuttle" JDL

The Alien Shuttle”

JDL Captain Holden & Lt. Commander Wolfe


As the security team departed the shuttle bay, with the two aliens in tow, the rwo sections of the alien shuttle that had parted to become the hatch for the ship, suddenly moved back into place.  Once they finished their movements, the sleek hull looked like it never had even come apart.


Bridge to Lt. Commander Wolfe,” came the voice of Captain Michael Holden over the comm system.


"Wolfe Here. i'm currently inside the shuttle." Wolf replied, his audio rather smooth compared to normal, as if it had no background noise from the ship.


Mr. Wolfe,” Holden said. “I want your team to learn as much as you can about the alien shuttle as you can.  We appear to have a fleet of ships inbound, and if we can learn their anything of their strength from that shuttle it would help when they arrive.  Take whatever measures you might deem necessary short of taking that thing apart and let me know what you find.


Wolfe looked around the sleek black ship. The controls appeared to be black on black until touched. The chief engineer noted down that they may have some light sensitivity or can see in wavelengths we cannot fathom. He rested his furred paw on the console, causing it to light up around him. The rear hatch opened up again, before closing on its own as smooth as water coming together. "What a weird ship," Wolfe said out loud as he smelled around, "Smells like a bird sanctuary in here too. Should get the doctor to run me over for any visitors, don't want to get a case of fleas again."


With that Wolfe started to scan the ship for anything that could be useful. The alloys were fairly normal except they seemed to be coated in liquid that is both organic and inorganic, as if it is an egg shell. able to grow itself a new bulkhead.


"This ship...is put together line an egg...a very weird egg.." he said as he climbed into the pilot's perch as he has started to call it. It didn't feel comfortable for the average biped, but would be for the alien.


"Now, let's see if i can deploy but not arm the weapons on board this thing," Wolfe said as he looked around the controls of the pilot's seat. Manual controls combined with computer assisted aim seemed to be the norm. "Their weapons....seem to be borrowed from older designs, just...upgraded to fit their needs. They look like a race that was forced to fight...this shuttle If i were to be accurate would have been a science vessel or a deep space mission, then retrofited with weapons. These systems do not appear to be original."


Wolfe climbed out and started to scan the outside. He headed over to the computer to record his paperwork on the ship.




“Engineers Observation and Log of the Alien Shuttle.


Potential biological hazards: Check for insectoid life, and bacteria before allowing anyone else to board it.

Capability: Long range shuttle designed for deep space or science missions, able to self repair as if it was made of egg shell.

Weapons: Appear to be added after the fact, not original systems.

Threat to the Excelsior: Minimal”


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