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  Commander Zarian Lobren & Captain Michael Holden, SD
"Post Purity" JDL
"Post Purity"
JDL: Captain Holden, Commander Lobren

On the main viewscreen, aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior, the explosive fireball was dissipating,  The Purist Movement ship, Purity, had just self destructed.  The leader, Moega, had decided to end her life and that of her crew, rather than being taken into custody.

"Damage report," Lobren called out.  He was pretty well certain there would be none, because he had ordered the helm to move the ship away the instamt they detected the poiwer build-up.

"No damage," reported Ensign Hayes sitting at the OPS console.

"She really thought that was a better option?" questioned Lt. Andrew Lee, the current acting chief of security, who was manning the tactical console.

"I 'spose," grumbled Lobren.  "Now she can be a martyr ta th' rest o' th' Movement."

"Commander," called out Ensign Hayes. "Captain Holden is hailing us."

"Put 'im on screen." Lobren's glance immediately went back to the viewscreen.  Captain Michale Holden appeared. It was evident that the captain was sitting at the helm console of the Cimarron. "Cap'n. I'm sorry, Sir, but Small took th' easy way out instead o' bein' taken in. We did try ta get a lock on 'em."

"But the sensors were befuddled by their hull," Holden finished with a nod.  "We found the same issue, and we were probably a lot closer.  No worries, Commander, it is certainly no surprising she took that way out."

"Indeed, Sir," Lobren agreed.  "I trust everythin' went well on yer end?"

"Yes," Holden acknowledged. "Father and daughter are safely aboard. Dr. Harris is taking care of them, and our team completed the assignment with no injuries."

"Nice work, Sir," Lobren said. The slight grimace on the Brikar's face told the captain that he regretted not being able to report total success on their end.

"We'll be rendezvousing with you in about five minutes," Holden then said.  "As soon as Cimarron is back aboard, set a return course to Earth. Also, have Ensign hayes set up a file of the bridge recording for your encounter so I can prepare the report for Command."

"Aye, Sir," Lobren said. "We'll see ya in a few."

"Commander," Holden added as if sensing the XO's mood.  "Despite Omega's decision and actions, this is a win.  Cimarron out."

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