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  USF Personal Log
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Personal log

USS Excelsior Logs and Narratives

by Lieutenant (JG) Peter McMillian
[Stardate ]

Ok, let’s see I know it’s been a while so let’s recap what I can think of.

I finally propposed to Taz but — as — usual she avoided the issue and was called away for a senior staff meeting leaving me high and dry without an answer for over 24 hours!

Then we ended up encountering an alien spacecraft in which we could not identify so an away team was sent over consisting of Taz, Lobren, Bones, Striker and Verr^oc. The Excelsior lost comm contact with them and I was sent over in a second shuttle to investigate and locate them.

Something happened to Bones…the alien ship seemed to have wiped her memory. Since she was out of action Taz had Verr^oc take her back to the Excelsior to see if they could help here. Meanwhile, I joined the rest of the away team and after working out a way to communicate with the Excelsior we made our way to the bride — sorry, I meant bridge! I have marriage on my mind a lot right now!

Anyway — Lt Striker, Lobren and I secured the area (though the Lt. seemed to imply that we were shaky on the idea of cleaning a room and sugggested we do more training). Once we entered the bridge, we found these aliens all wired up into the ship and when Taz touched one of them for a second we saw that ship had somehow accessed her memory. Good thing it did not wipe her mind like it did Bones! We were still trying to figure things out when we learned that the ship seemed to be building up power so we high-tailed it out of there back to the shuttle just in the nick of time. The alien ship took off through the rift and went POOF!

I had just about given up on Taz accepting my proposal when she showed up. She and I had a long discussion about her fears and I had to assure her that I want to marry her no matter WHAT. Then she siad YES! I am a very happy man!! I hope the Admiral will agree to officiate at our ceremony. Apparently, Taz wants to have an Earth-style wedding so I plan to put some of my inheritance to good use and pull out all the stops — we’ll have a fancy catering service, a huge cake, a live band, the most beautiful flowers and any thing else her heart desires to make it a perfect day for the woman I love. Ohh…there is so much to consider! Who’s gonna be my best man? Are we going to get married on the ship? Who do we invite? How do I plan a honeymoon?


Oh well, that’s my report to duty alarm so I gotta go, guess I will figure some of that out later with Taz, my fiancee….that sounds so wonderful, I can’t wait to be married to her!

Computer encrypt Personal log Lt Jg McMillian access code at lvl 256…

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