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The brave crew of the USS Excelsior posts their official duty logs and creative personal logs along with intriguing stories for history to review. Excel Website

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icon Duty_Log  "The Prize" JDL
icon Personal_Log 
icon Duty_Log  "What Are They Doing Out Here... Another Perspective"
icon Duty_Log  "What Are They Up To Now?"
icon Personal_Log  The Package
icon Duty_Log  "The Things You Want to Unsee" JDL
icon Duty_Log  "Meet the Orgess"
icon Duty_Log  "Back aboard XL" JDL
icon Duty_Log  "How You Do That?"
icon Duty_Log  "How To Save the Vulderians" JDL
icon Personal_Log  "Another Friendly Call" JPL
icon Duty_Log  "Oh Boy, More Kids" JDL
icon Duty_Log  "Trails In the Sky" JDL
icon Duty_Log  Security Chief Duty Log, 201803.04
icon Duty_Log  "Only Cute Looking" JDL
icon Duty_Log  "One Cleared, Too Many To Go" JDL
icon Duty_Log  "Cargo Bay 4" JDL
icon Duty_Log  Was that a flying green people eater?
icon Personal_Log  A sudden change of heart?
icon Personal_Log  PL: Lost... found
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