USS Excelsior Mission Brief
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XL Mission Brief 201810.07

U.S.S. Excelsior

Mission Brief 201810.07   

Captain's Log, Stardate 201810.07 (06:00 hours)

II have been alerted by Commander Lobren that we may have contact with some more missing Starfleet crew. Ensign Waite and Maverick received a telepathic call for assistance at about zero four-hundred this morning. They weren't certain, at the time of the contact just where they “call” was coming from, but it was from Ensign Tavek. Records show he was/is a science officer from Starbase 295, part of the missing crew we have been searching for for quite some time.  I asked Lobren if this could possibly be a trap, as we have not seen any signs of the …… I can't even explain what it is, other than a huge skipping stone, that took the crew to begin with. The commander could not say that it wasn't a trap of some sort.  As soon as we have some idea where we are going we will change course accordingly, but also do so cautiously.


For the Sim:

Thirty six hours have passed since the lst sim. It will be the start of Alpha Shift, so ship's time will be 08:00 hours when we start.  Most of the eyes, on the bridge, will be on Ensign Waite to see if she can finally pinpoint the location of Ensign Tavek and the others with him. Is this really a matter of the green floating glob that Lt. Gar talked of and we had encountered before, or could this be some elaborate trap set for the XL?


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to note, unless your character is on the bridge, or otherwise indicated by command, you have no prior knowledge of the alien/menace we face. Also, please, keep your character nick as short as possible so as to not have it take up more than one line.  A good example would be “Ens_Nick, or Ltjg_Nick, etc.  Your character's full name is on the crew roster and is not always required in the chat room. Thank you for these considerations.


Expected Absences:

Lt. Commander Wolfe (always possible due to work), Lt. Avatis (L.O.A.)

Respectfully submitted,
Captain Michael Holden
Commanding Office



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