USS Excelsior Mission Brief
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XL Mission Brief 201807.08

U.S.S. Excelsior

Mission Brief 201807.08

Captain's Log, Stardate 201807.08:

Commander Carishai and the away team have been aboard the A'nnien vessel four hours now.  She has reported in and let us know Aris Hi'roach has been a magnanimous host.  She further reported that Lt. Commander Wolfe has been studying the drive system of the sphere ship. He has determined there are many similiarities with our own slip-stream apparatus and we may be able to help them get it back online and aligned. As a side note, it has been reported to me that Commander Wolfe is…€… with child or maybe that should be …€Â˜with children.' With that in mind, I am glad we used a shuttle instead of transporting over to the sphere ship. We have not seen any trace of the Breen dreadnought. They were on long-range sensors, so this means one of two things.  Either they have departed for Breen space for repairs, or they have effected repairs enough to have their cloak back online and maybe more. I am hoping for the former, but am preparing for the latter.


For the Sim:

Four hours have passed since the last sim. As stated above, our engineering team has determined the A'nnien drive system is similar enough to the slip-stream drive that Wolfe can help them (I'll leave those details up to Mr. Wolfe himself). The rest of the away team is either helping Mr. Wolfe or getting to know the A'nnien people. The crew on the XL will be keeping close watch for the Breen to return.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to note, unless your character is on the bridge, or otherwise indicated by command, you have no prior knowledge of the alien/menace we face. Also, please, keep your character nick as short as possible so as to not have it take up more than one line.  A good example would be “Ens_Nick, or Ltjg_Nick, etc.  Your character's full name is on the crew roster and is not always required in the chat room. Thank you for these considerations.


Expected Absences:

Dr. Haris, Lt. Commander Wolfe (always possible due to work), Lt. Avatis (L.O.A.)

Respectfully submitted,
Captain Michael Holden
Commanding Office



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