USS Excelsior Mission Brief
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XL Mission Brief, 201801.14

U.S.S. Excelsior

Mission Brief 201801.14

Captain's Log, Stardate 201801.14

January, 2395, 06:00 hours


I just received a report from the bridge that long rnage sensors have detected an energy signature that is a match for the strage ship/being/object that was responsible for the disappearance of the starbase crew, the U.S.S. Taurino, the Firegon ship crew, among others.  I have ordered the ship to yellow alert and a course set.  The one thing we have to be extremely cautious of is the object's sudden changes of course and how quickly it can come upon its “prey.” And we don't want the Excelsior to become one of those ships found floating with no crew.  The OOD has informed me we are about four hours away, so Alpha Shift should be in full swing and rady by then.


For the Sim:

The ship is at YELLOW ALERT. It seems the possibility for us to finally solve this mysterious object story is upon us.  We will have to approach the thing with extreme caution and watch for any sudden changes of course toward us.  As soon as we are in  short-range sensor limits distance, we will heighten the ship's alet status to red.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to note, unless your character is on the bridge, or otherwise indicated by command, you have no prior knowledge of the alien/menace we face. Also, please, keep your character nick as short as possible so as to not have it take up more than one line.  A good example would be “Ens_Nick, or Ltjg_Nick, etc.  Your character's full name is on the crew roster and is not always required in the chat room. Thank you for these considerations.


Expected Absences:
Commander Carishai (Posibly), Dr. Harris, Counselor N'Tazzia (possibly), Lt. Commander Wolfe (possible), First  Lt. Avatis

Respectfully submitted,
Captain Michael Holden
Acting Commanding Officer




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