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Amira Yar: Stasus daughter of, Natasha Yar and Lieutenant commander Data, Starship ENterprise, USS Starfleet.
Race, Human, Unknown.
Birth Doctor, Doctor Beverly Krusher, aboard USS Starship Enterprise.
DOB, December 24th, at seventeen hundred hours, thirty four minutes and six seconds.
Mother was present, father was on an away mission.

Amira Yar, daughter of Natasha and Data was believed to be quite the freak accident, and for many years, medical tests were done to attempt to find out why she came to be. Her father Data the Android of Starship Enterprise, was believed to be unable to reproduce due to his created nature, however, the accident encounter with the spores which brought about the mating ritual between himself and Natasha Yar released a biochemical from him which fertilized Natasha's egg and allowed her to reproduce one and only one child. This child at birth was sent to live with Natasha's sister Ashara by Natasha's request, and hologram conferences between Natasha and her daughter Amira began to occur once a month. Amira's existence was kept strictly from Commander Data while the tests were commenced by Lieutenant Commander Jordi LaForge on Data's biocore, nd others were performed upon Amira by Doctor Mulligan of Starfleet on Deep Space Four.
Amira grew up travelling from place to place, spending a very small amount of time on Deep Space Nine, where she met and developed her first crush on Knogg, the Firangi son of Rahm. It was there that eleven year old Amira Yar developed the wish to enter Starfleet and to become high in her ranks. She began taking classes geared around this at the age of twelve, and when she was seventeen, she tested and passed examinations to enter Starfleet Academy. Her Aunt Ashara did not agree with this course of action, and thus ended her relationship with the bitter aunt, still angered at the departure of her sister Natasha on the home world.

Amira was not the top of her class, rather, she scored just above average but had a love of Obs and exploration. WHen she graduated, she did so with low grades and a high need to explore, to see out new life, and to observe the unknown. She toggled between Engineering and Obs, applied for several spots until her application for Ensign was finally accepted aboard the USS uangle, where she served a term of one year. During that time, she found the cure for the contracted Space Beetle Disease, Then spent some time helping aboard the Klingon ship Inshpon, where she took a mate, Lieutenant commander Eshmar. After his passing, she was left upon a planet where she was eventually picked up by the USS Mica. There, she performed night and day to find the lost amulet of Romulan Admirald Misha, and was promoted to Obs Lieutenant. Last, the USS Exelcear came to her as she believed she had family there, and she put in for a position there. She was accepted, and dropped to spend time helping to colonize a new planet before she was finally picked up again.

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