USS Excelsior Mission Brief
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XL Mission Brief, 201709.10

U.S.S. Excelsior

Mission Brief 201709.09

Captain's Log, Stardate 201709.09

We have been in orbit above this primitive Class-M planet for almost thirty-six houts.  I have ordered some more scans of the planet be conducted because we had detected a Bolian life signature.  While this does possibly indicate the existence of the missing starbase crew on this planet, I am hesitant to send another away team to the surface.  Our first team was spotted and I have had my fill of skirting the Prime Directive.  Still, I don't want to leave orbit until I am one hundred percent certain there are not Starfleet personnel on that planet.


For the Sim:

We will continue conducting scans of the planet.  Our dcans may not turn up the answers we need, but we must try without risking being seen by the planet's indigenous population.


Expected Absences:
Dr. Harris, Lt. Commander Wolfe (possible), First  Lt. Avatis

Respectfully submitted,
Captain Michael Holden
Acting Commanding Officer























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