USS Excelsior Mission Brief
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U.S.S. Excelsior Sim report for 201708.06

U.S.S. Excelsior
Sim report for 201708.06

Sim Summary:

Crew in attendance: Capt Holden, Cmdr Lobren, Cnslr N'Tazzia, Cmdr Carishai, Ens Waite, Ens T^Radt,  Ens Varok, Kalendra, Lt Baela Chimloch, Nurse Mara.  Thanks for being there!

The Mecaw in the briefing room test Counselor N'Tazzia's patience by ignoring her.

Up on the bridge Captain Holden and crew wait for the Mecaw starraven to say or do something....and what they do is to power up their warship on Hidargo and fly it off the planet in full view of the stunned (and probably freaked out) populace!  Captain Holden and Admiral Katera quickly come up with a plan to make an appropriate show of force to the Mecaw and do indeed surprise them.  Katera orders the XL to hold the Mecaw warship while the Relentless goes to root out any stragglers on Hidargo.

In Twelve-Forward, Nurse Mara's plan to be nice and make the new science lieutenant Baela feel welcome seems to be going less than successfully.  She downs bloodwine while Baela sips on Irish Creme liqueur &  Rekk'las, on her snarkiest behavior ever tries to get to know the new Klingon through insults and insinuations. After getting most of the crabbiness out of the way, the two Klingons discover a mutual fondness for daggers -- and Mara wants no part of that particular topic!

Peter took advantage of a rare day off and spent time with his son Lobren "Rennie" McMillian and Kalendra.  He expressed concern to Kalendra that he was missing too much time with his kids and she reassured him that Rennie and Malinda both loved him and weren't upset with him.  They decided to watch some kid-vids with Rennie and in a surprise move, Kalendra proposed to Peter!

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See you next time on the USS Excelsior!

(BTW: Since trivia doesn't seem to be y'all's thang, I'm discontinuing it effective immediately. No more trivia.)

Respectfully submitted,
Commander Carishai
Executive Officer, USS Excelsior

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