USS Excelsior Mission Brief
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XL Mission Brief, 201707.16

U.S.S. Excelsior

Mission Brief 201707.16

Captain's Log, Stardate 201707.16

It has been decided, by Admiral Katera, to leave the star system, and head off the fleet of ships we are presuming to be reinforcements for the “Dirty Bird” people.  Our goal will be to dissuade themf proceeding to Hidargo.  I'm not certain just how we'll do that, at the moment, but it is our current plan.  Also, I have been informed that Commander Lobren will be replaced as XO of Excelsior.  Commander Carishai, who is currently in command of the Relentless, will be assuming that position.  Now…… when do I tell Zarian?


For the Sim:

I will be returning to the ship as soon as the sim starts.  We will depart from Hidargo from there and head off the incoming fleet.  Will it be the “Dirty Birds” coming in, or some other force?  Will we be able to convince them not to proceed further?  Be there tonight to find out.


Expected Absences:

Dr. Harris, Lt. Commander Wolfe (depending on his work location), First  Lt. Avatis

Respectfully submitted,
Captain Michael Holden
Acting Commanding Officer


















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