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  Captain Dion Xiaoyen, SD
USS Aldrin Sim Log Stardate 201701.16
19:00:34 CmdrDXiaoyen       ATTENTION ON DECK
19:00:37 LtCmdr_Danaen ::AA::
19:00:46 Cdr_Khevok :: @@ ::
19:00:49 Lt_Boerne :: @@ ::
19:00:50 LtJg_NightWing AA::
19:00:53 EnsLisselaKeevun ::AA::
19:00:54 FstLtDeniaud ::AA::
19:01:00 EnsDasreLebaun ::AA::
19:01:40 LtjgJJKim ::AA::
19:01:46 CmdrDXiaoyen Good evening everyone.
19:01:58 *** LtRaynaElkhorn joined #USS_Aldrin
19:02:02 CmdrDXiaoyen Welcome to this full as hell crew night of the USS Aldrin.
19:02:05 *** CommodoreBillings joined #USS_Aldrin
19:02:21 CmdrDXiaoyen Those of you just joining us who are not in the crew, please help yourselves to refreshments in our newly designed peanut gallery.
19:02:31 *** LtRaynaElkhorn quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
19:02:33 *** EnsTasseMero joined #USS_Aldrin
19:02:47 LtCmdr_Danaen (Recently restocked with year-old peanuts)
19:02:49 CmdrDXiaoyen Equipped with Sushi Chef, Masseuses, and Crepe stations.
19:02:49 *** LtGideonSalieri joined #USS_Aldrin
19:02:51 Commodore_Packard ::Raises hand::
19:02:57 LtGideonSalieri ::AA::
19:02:57 CommodoreBillings ::Raises hand::
19:03:08 CmdrDXiaoyen Ah, I'd like everyone to give a big welcome to the brass tonight.
19:03:13 Commodore_Packard ::Glares over at Billings:: Oh really ...
19:03:33 LtCmdr_Danaen ::puts peanuts in Ray's and Jerrid's hands::
19:03:39 CmdrDXiaoyen First, to my old friend, Commodore Jerrid Billings, CO of the USS Hermes and one of the most passionate Flag Officers I've ever known to grace Starfleet in itself.
19:04:10 Cdr_Khevok :: Nods to Commodore Billings ::
19:04:14 CommodoreBillings My apologies, Commodore Packard. This one is personal.  And my apologies to you, Commander for holding up you sim.
19:04:25 CmdrDXiaoyen Second, to Commodore Ray Packard, another friend of mine. Another great man of extreme honor and probably hunger ::Points to the california rolls freshly made at the sushi station:: Did you have a question too, sir?
19:04:42 CmdrDXiaoyen ((Not a problem, Commodore Billings. Always an honor and a pleasure to have you around. Please enjoy yourself in the PG))
19:05:21 LtCmdr_Danaen ::primes the cannon::
19:05:32 CaptSandyXiva ::drumroll::
19:05:33 CmdrDXiaoyen ::Snaps to, then cluelessly steps up::
19:05:46 Cdr_Khevok :: Raises an Vulca eyebrow and displays a slight Klingon crooked smile ::
19:05:52 LtJg_NightWing ;stands by the confetti cannons ready  to do a complete barrage;;
19:06:25 CommodoreBillings I've been simming with you on and off for over a decade.
19:07:04 CommodoreBillings You've served under me while I was a department head (back when department heads ran four or five simmers), and while I was a Captain several times.
19:07:39 CommodoreBillings You're a damn fine simmer, one hell of a writer, and a good friend. This day has been coming for a long time.
19:08:26 CommodoreBillings Commander Xioyen, I would therefore like to offer you a promotion to the rank of Captain. Do you accept?
19:08:44 CmdrDXiaoyen ::Eyes widen:: Whoa..... ::Pauses for a moment:: 
19:08:54 CmdrDXiaoyen ::Chuckles a little:: Yes, yes sir I do!
19:08:56 DrMavelleKivo (Hint... Accept. lol)
19:09:13 CaptSandyXiva ::whispers:: It's not really a question.
19:09:36 DrMavelleKivo ::sniffles::  I remember when he was an ensign.  ::sniffles:: I'm so old.
19:09:41 USFArzie ::grins::
19:09:56 CommodoreBillings So be it. By the power vested in me by the High Command of the United Space Federation, you are hereby commanded and required to take command of the USS Aldrin as of this date.
19:10:04 CommodoreBillings Congratulations. 
19:10:07 LtJg_NightWing ;;pulls the string to fire the confetti cannons all at once making it sound almost like the howitzers in the 1812 Overture;;;
19:10:08 CmdrDXiaoyen ::Smiles:: Thank you, sir.
19:10:12 LtCmdr_Danaen ::fires::
19:10:15 M-5 =/\=      ACTION:  Dion and Jerrid are coated in confetti       =/\=
19:10:16 Commodore_Packard WOO HOO! ::Hides the pip he was planning to use to promote him, fighting back the tears::
19:10:19 Commodore_Packard Congrats, Captain.
19:10:21 *** CmdrDXiaoyen is now known as CaptDXiaoyen
19:10:32 USFArzie Woot woot!  Congrats!
19:10:38 LtCmdr_Danaen ::applauds::
19:10:47 LtJg_NightWing About bloody time!!!!!;; applauds;;
19:10:48 DrMavelleKivo ::throws the gatorade::
19:10:51 CaptSandyXiva ::applauds::
19:10:52 Cdr_Khevok :: Steps forward and slaps Dion on the back :: Congratulations, *Captain*
19:10:57 EnsLisselaKeevun ::clapping::
19:11:01 CaptDXiaoyen Thank you so much, old friend and sir.
19:11:03 CerseiNaal ::cheers::
19:11:05 EnsTasseMero ::claps::
19:11:06 Lt_Boerne :: applauds loudly ::
19:11:10 CaptDXiaoyen ::Turns to face everyone:: Thank you everyone!
19:11:12 LtGideonSalieri ::claps::
19:11:12 CaptDXiaoyen I appreciate it!
19:11:24 CaptDXiaoyen It's my honor to command this sim officially as Captain.
19:11:35 CaptDXiaoyen It's been my USF Career ambition to do it and I actually get to achieve my dream of this.
19:12:06 CaptDXiaoyen It would be impossible without friends and colleagues who always believed in me like Commodores Billings and Packard as well as all my friends from old and new ::Winks to the players of the crew::
19:12:11 Cdr_Khevok :: Begins to tear up a little ::
19:12:18 USFArzie You deserve it, Captain!
19:12:20 CaptDXiaoyen I promise to give you all the consistency a USF CO must give.
19:12:23 CerseiNaal ::slides an arm around Khevok::
19:12:45 Cdr_Khevok :: Leans his head on Cersei's shoulder ::
19:12:48 CaptDXiaoyen Just remember though, as a newly minted Captain, this is MY sim now and I will expect everyone adhere to the principles of the USF Regulations, Star Trek Canon, and most of all, HAVING FUN!
19:13:09 CommodoreBillings You've earned it!
19:13:10 LtCmdr_Danaen And we promise to be a bigger pain in the arse 
19:13:16 Lt_Boerne Yes, sir, Captain, sir!
19:13:30 CaptDXiaoyen ::Smiles:: My crew. My awesome and amazing crew and my amazing HC Brass friends.
19:13:35 CaptDXiaoyen Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
19:14:01 Commodore_Packard I got a starfleet regulation, older than Starfleet itself. Brass come aboard, is corrupt and takes control of a ship away from it's Captain. 
19:14:13 Commodore_Packard That's Aldrin's sim next week. I'm guest starring
19:14:23 Cdr_Khevok LOL
19:14:36 LtCmdr_Danaen guest starring as the obligatory redshirt
19:14:43 CaptDXiaoyen Well I couldn't think of anyone better than you or Commodore Billings to do it, sir.
19:14:48 Cdr_Khevok Looking forward to it.
19:14:52 CaptDXiaoyen But JUST you or him. 
19:14:57 CaptDXiaoyen Anyway, okay. Everyone again.
19:14:58 CaptDXiaoyen       ATTENTION ON DECK
19:15:00 CaptSandyXiva ::pouts::
19:15:01 LtCmdr_Danaen ::AA::
19:15:04 EnsLisselaKeevun ::AA::
19:15:06 LtJg_NightWing ::AA::
19:15:07 LtjgJJKim ::AA::
19:15:08 EnsDasreLebaun ::AA::
19:15:11 FstLtDeniaud ::AA::
19:15:12 LtGideonSalieri ::AA::
19:15:16 EnsTasseMero ::AA::
19:15:43 Cdr_Khevok :: @@ ::
19:15:44 CaptDXiaoyen Okay we're not going to have a long sim today unfortunately (Sorry Commander K'hevok but I'm sure you'd understand) because there are some announcements. Commodore Billings' of course was the biggest. But there are a couple of more.
19:15:46 Lt_Boerne :: @@ ::
19:16:11 *** CaptSandyXiva quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
19:16:13 Cdr_Khevok :: Smiles :: Not a problem at all.
19:16:15 CaptDXiaoyen One, I'd like to welcome our new crew. Our ACENG, our CSEC, our Counselor, and whoever the hell else came along that I can't even count because I'm still marveling at this 4th pip on my collar right now.
19:16:26 FstLtDeniaud ::giggles::
19:16:28 *** LtRaynaElkhorn joined #USS_Aldrin
19:16:38 LtJg_NightWing ;;grins;;
19:16:39 LtCmdr_Danaen (So shiny, the precious)
19:16:58 *** DrErikVaeros joined #USS_Aldrin
19:17:01 LtRaynaElkhorn ::waves, points at self::
19:17:28 CaptDXiaoyen And Operations Manager too.
19:17:45 *** DrMavelleKivo quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
19:18:02 CaptDXiaoyen And I'd like to turn over the floor to one of the crewbies, our CSEC/CTAC, Lieutenant Salieri, for an address to the crew.
19:18:05 CaptDXiaoyen Go ahead Lieutenant.
19:18:42 LtGideonSalieri ::smiling, nods:: First of all, congratulations, Captain.  I've had the honor of simming with you for many years and this promotion is well deserved.
19:18:47 Cdr_Khevok We moved to a new address?
19:19:09 LtCmdr_Danaen (With Dion's promotion, we get a better P.O. box.)
19:19:23 Cdr_Khevok (( LOL ))
19:19:48 LtGideonSalieri To my fellow crew, please take some time to visit the Message Boards.  First Lieutenant Deniaud and I have been collaborating on a log series to explain our transfer.
19:20:16 FstLtDeniaud ::giggles:: We have 9 more to post... I'd wait for the email...
19:20:24 LtGideonSalieri The series in its entirety will be posted by the end of the night and we'll have an email out with links, but I wanted to give everyone a head's up.
19:20:59 LtGideonSalieri If I didn't have any bias, I would say it's a damn good read.
19:21:18 LtJg_NightWing ;;rh;;
19:21:47 CaptDXiaoyen I started reading them already. Yes so far I like em. And as a Captain, I love writers when they're not me lol.
19:21:48 LtGideonSalieri ::defers the hand to the Captain, steps back:: That's all I have.  ::smile::
19:21:54 CaptDXiaoyen ::Nods:: Thank you, Lieutenant.
19:21:56 CaptDXiaoyen And yes, Doctor?
19:22:56 LtJg_NightWing I've simmed with y'all elsewhere and these two  put out  one HECK of a story as well as a post count that is  near staggering they do an EXCELLENT job well worth the reading
19:23:28 CaptDXiaoyen I'm inclined to agree with you on this, Doctor so far.
19:23:31 CaptDXiaoyen Thank you for the comment.
19:23:40 LtJg_NightWing no problem sir
19:23:49 *** CommodoreBillings quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
19:23:57 CaptDXiaoyen Okay, another thing, remember everyone, this plot is K'hevok's baby. So pay attention to the details.
19:24:15 Cdr_Khevok
19:24:18 CaptDXiaoyen Any questions?
19:24:26 *** USFArzie quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
19:24:44 Lt_Boerne None
19:24:45 LtJg_NightWing no sir
19:24:57 LtCmdr_Danaen None here
19:25:31 LtjgJJKim No sir.
19:25:41 Cdr_Khevok None
19:26:02 LtGideonSalieri No questions.  ::slides into the PG::
19:26:29 *** Commodore_Packard quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
19:26:30 CaptDXiaoyen Okay. Remember also, time between this sim and the last is 15 minutes. The planet is blocked by the Pyramid-Shaped mysterious ship that we identified as the one that destroyed the Andrews.
19:26:37 CaptDXiaoyen If there's nothing else....
19:26:39 CaptDXiaoyen =/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
19:26:43 CaptDXiaoyen ::In the Captain's chair::
19:26:58 Cdr_Khevok :: In the XO's chair ::
19:27:01 LtjgJJKim ::At the helm, ready to either get evasives going or go to wawrp::
19:27:03 LtjgJJKim *warp
19:27:18 Lt_Boerne :: At the SCI station, monitoring the ship ::
19:27:33 EnsDasreLebaun ::standing at Tactical::
19:27:54 EnsLisselaKeevun ::in Sickbay, preparing for the inevitable::
19:28:21 LtCmdr_Danaen ::monitoring ship's systems from Main Engineering::
19:28:24 Cdr_Khevok =/\=      ACTION:  As the planet rotates on its axis, the ship slowly follows the rotation of the planet       =/\=
19:28:54 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks at the viewscreen:: Hmm.... ::Looks to Lebaun:: Ensign, are you detecting any weapons buildup on the ship?
19:29:42 LtJg_NightWing ;;on the bridge, seeing what all is going on there;;
19:29:51 LtjgJJKim ::Monitoring the ship's power systems from his console as well. Ready to get the hell out of there one way or another. Setting the course relay to float so once the order to get out of there is given, it'll be quicker than if he waited til the last second::
19:30:44 Lt_Boerne Captain, the ship is slowly retreating, seemingly following the planet's rotation.
19:31:13 Lt_Boerne It's as if it is protecting a particular location on the planet.
19:32:10 EnsDasreLebaun ::looking over scans:: Not at this time, sir.
19:32:37 *** DrErikVaeros quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
19:32:39 Cdr_Khevok :: Leans over to the Captain :: Sir, should we attempt to follow it?
19:32:43 LtJg_NightWing It would appear so, geosynchronous orbit I think they  call it
19:32:55 EnsTasseMero ::in engineering, quietly monitoring systems::
19:34:30 CaptDXiaoyen Interesting.
19:34:30 EnsDasreLebaun ::requesting updates to the scans::
19:34:42 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to Boerne:: Boerne, what can you tell about its power buildup composition?
19:34:49 LtCmdr_Danaen ::console begins flickering on and off:: Oh hell. ::smacks it a few times but doesn't change::
19:36:04 LtCmdr_Danaen ::removes the maintenance panel and finds the power cord for the display is loose:: That's just peachy.
19:36:05 Lt_Boerne :: Looks at the scan reports again ::
19:36:16 EnsTasseMero ::orion woman, 25, glances at Danaen:: Sir?
19:36:32 Lt_Boerne It appears there is no central power source.
19:36:42 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks back at the screen again:: What is it doing?
19:36:42 EnsLisselaKeevun ::hums softly to herself as she preps the surgical suite::
19:36:51 CaptDXiaoyen It looks like it's just.... Orbiting the planet.
19:37:15 LtCmdr_Danaen ::glances at Mero:: Oh, it's nothing, Ensign. Just that this ship is barely out of drydock, and things are already slipping.
19:37:22 Lt_Boerne :: Looks slightly puzzled :: It's as if the power ... coalesces at the locations it is needed.
19:37:37 EnsTasseMero ::twirls hair around finger:: Is there anything I can do to help sir?
19:38:06 EnsDasreLebaun A cognizant power source?
19:38:37 Lt_Boerne I am going to designate the planetary location that the ship is orbiting above as Lat 0, Longitude 15.
19:39:05 Lt_Boerne :: Looks at her panel, then back at the Captain :: That would be a possible explanation.
19:39:16 CaptDXiaoyen Anything special there?
19:39:17 LtCmdr_Danaen For this matter, it's nothing. ::pushes the cord back in its socket; the console display stops flickering:: All set.
19:39:51 Cdr_Khevok =/\=      ACTION:  As the location 0 x 15 rotates over the horizon, the ship suddenly comes to life and disappears around the planet.       =/\=
19:40:00 EnsTasseMero ::nods:: Very good sir.
19:40:20 Lt_Boerne A ... blanket of similar power readings.
19:40:22 LtCmdr_Danaen But even just a few days ago, we had an imbalance of plasma flow that the computer wasn't able to fix on its own.
19:40:37 EnsDasreLebaun ::blinks, looking from the screen to her console, then back again::
19:40:43 CaptDXiaoyen ::Eyes widen as he sees the ship zoom around the ellipse of the planet::
19:40:48 CaptDXiaoyen What the-!
19:40:54 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks back to Boerne:: Triangulate its course!
19:41:03 CaptDXiaoyen ::Shakes head:: I should've hailed them.
19:41:09 Cdr_Khevok That was ... unexpected.
19:41:18 Lt_Boerne Aye, sir.
19:41:29 Lt_Boerne :: Taps on her console ::
19:41:35 EnsTasseMero ::nods, blinks:: That sounds very bad, sir.
19:42:06 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to K'hevok:: Yup. Commander, run your own scans as well. I want to make sure we get every nook and cranny we can about what's going on within two million kilometers of that damn ship.
19:42:10 Lt_Boerne If the ship follows  the planet's rotation, it should appear on the opposite horizon in a few minutes...
19:42:26 CaptDXiaoyen It has the Andrews to answer for. We just have to make sure it answers to diplomacy and our official channels first. 
19:42:27 Cdr_Khevok Aye, sir.
19:42:50 EnsDasreLebaun ::glances toward Boerne:: Is there anything on the surface of the planet that the ship could be pulling power from when it reaches the pole?
19:42:50 LtCmdr_Danaen Quite. ::puts the panel back in its place:: Would've knocked out power for two decks if I weren't able to fix it.
19:42:51 CaptDXiaoyen ::Nods, then looks back:: Well let's not waste time.
19:42:58 CaptDXiaoyen ((Elkhorn, you on the bridge?))
19:43:00 Cdr_Khevok :: Stands and goes to an auxiliary console ::
19:43:19 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to Ensign Lebaun:: Good question.
19:43:23 EnsTasseMero ::watches intently:: That sounds very bad.
19:43:33 CaptDXiaoyen Actually I'd like you to hail them while Boerne continues her scans.
19:43:52 CaptDXiaoyen ((K'hevok you can use your XO chair console too, you know. Chakotay always did on Voyager))
19:43:58 Cdr_Khevok =/\=      ACTION:  The point of a ship appears on the far side of the planet ::       =/\=
19:44:09 Cdr_Khevok (( Ahh, yes ))
19:44:22 EnsDasreLebaun ::nods and ties Ops to her console, opening a channel and sending the standard hail to the vessel::
19:44:22 Cdr_Khevok :: Sits back in his chair ::
19:45:31 Cdr_Khevok Captain, the ship is appearing again.
19:45:32 EnsDasreLebaun Hail sent, awaiting reply.
19:45:48 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to Lebaun:: I think I know where you're getting at. Using the power source as a polaric magnet to control elliptical orbit direction?
19:46:00 Lt_Boerne :: Taps on her console :: Something is... wrong.
19:46:02 EnsDasreLebaun ::glances at the captain, nodding:: Yes, sir.
19:46:16 CaptDXiaoyen Good question. ::Turns back to Boerne::
19:46:21 CaptDXiaoyen What is it, Lieutenant?
19:46:24 Cdr_Khevok =/\=      ACTION:  The ship reappears, but smaller in size ::       =/\=
19:46:45 Lt_Boerne It's not ... the same ship.
19:47:06 CaptDXiaoyen What? ::Looks back at the viewscreen:: 
19:47:18 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to Lebaun:: Ensign, tactical and ship analysis.
19:47:28 CaptDXiaoyen Compare with the readings from the last ship we just saw turn the orbit of the planet.
19:47:51 EnsDasreLebaun ::tapping at her console, putting the two screens side by side::
19:48:15 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to Lebaun again:: Ensign, while you do that, open a channel.
19:48:26 EnsDasreLebaun It is the same ship.
19:48:29 LtJg_NightWing hmmm could it be that the size changes with the amount of power it has, like the hump on a camel?
19:48:37 EnsDasreLebaun ::pauses her analysis to open a channel:: Open, sir.
19:48:43 EnsDasreLebaun ::returns to the readings::
19:49:28 CaptDXiaoyen Wait, it is or- ::Pays attention to the hail first then remembers to himself he will have to note it to after:: Unidentified Vessel, this is Captain Dion Xiaoyen of the Federation Starship Aldrin. We have placed you as the vessel that destroyed one of our ships last week. We would like to ask you questions. Please respond.
19:49:28 EnsDasreLebaun Everything has simply undergone a reduction in size by 1/24th.  Not terribly much, but enough on such a large ship that we notice it.
19:49:45 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to Lebaun:: Comparative analysis confirmed, Ensign?
19:49:49 CaptDXiaoyen From the last set of readings?
19:49:59 EnsDasreLebaun ::nodding:: Everything is the same, Captain.  Just smaller.
19:50:02 Cdr_Khevok =/\=      ACTION:  The small version of the ship responds to the hail by changing colors of it's hull ::       =/\=
19:50:31 LtjgJJKim ::Looks at the viewscreen:: Captain, look!
19:50:34 Lt_Boerne :: Reviews her readings, then looks at Lebaun :: Confirm Lebaun's analysys.
19:50:47 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks ahead:: Lebaun, is that a defensive mechanism?
19:51:07 EnsDasreLebaun ::shaking her head, mouth open in slight shock::
19:51:22 Cdr_Khevok =/\=      ACTION:  As the planet continues to rotate, the ship keeps itself between 0 x 15 nd the Aldrin       =/\=
19:51:29 LtJg_NightWing ;;watches and hums five notes from an  old movie theme;;
19:51:48 EnsDasreLebaun There's another vessel, an exact copy of the ship.  Coming into viewscreen ...
19:52:04 Lt_Boerne There's something else...
19:52:27 EnsDasreLebaun Like they split.  ::eyes widening::
19:52:29 Cdr_Khevok (( Good one NightWing ))
19:52:36 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to the second Pyramid-Shaped ship::
19:52:51 CaptDXiaoyen Hmm....
19:52:55 EnsLisselaKeevun ::steps out into main Sickbay, still humming as she glances around for more to tidy up::
19:53:26 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to K'hevok:: Commander, tell Danaen we'll need a little extra power to reinforce the renegerative factor of our shields.
19:53:54 Cdr_Khevok Aye, sir
19:54:07 CaptDXiaoyen What the-two ships?
19:54:21 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to Lebaun:: Ensign, what are the closest ships to our current position?
19:54:30 LtCmdr_Danaen ::walks over to the pool table, flipping through different views of power flows::
19:54:31 Cdr_Khevok ++ Engineering ++   Bridge to LtCmdr_Danaen
19:55:02 LtCmdr_Danaen ++ Bridge ++   Go ahead, Commander.
19:56:52 Cdr_Khevok ++ LtCmdr_Danaen ++   We need to supplement the power to shields regenerative system.
19:57:12 EnsDasreLebaun The USS Creighton and the USS Helena are the closest available, Captain.  The Creighton could be here in approximately 3 hours at maximum warp.
19:57:12 LtCmdr_Danaen ++ Bridge ++   Understood.
19:57:23 EnsDasreLebaun Shall I send a distress to them?
19:57:50 Cdr_Khevok :: Leans over to the Captain :: Sounds good to me.
19:58:01 CaptDXiaoyen No distress signal, but tell them to hurry the hell up over to our position.
19:58:17 CaptDXiaoyen We'll need them just in case these two decide to wake up and try to do to us what they did to the andrews or even worse.
19:58:25 LtCmdr_Danaen ::turns to the console on the side and adds auxiliary power to the shield emitters::
19:58:26 EnsDasreLebaun ::glances at her console, gasping before blinking:: The second ship is maneuvering to a 0 x vector on the first ship.
19:58:52 EnsDasreLebaun ::taps, quickly sending a request to the two ships for assistance, no distress, but hurry it up::
19:59:02 LtCmdr_Danaen ++ K'hevok ++   Commander, auxiliary power routed. Additional subsystem power available on demand.
19:59:10 Cdr_Khevok =/\=      ACTION:  There seems to be a power transfer between the two ships       =/\=
19:59:20 LtJg_NightWing Sir maybe they can't understand our words, per se,  but can  understand through some other method
19:59:30 EnsDasreLebaun The Helena will be about 15 minutes behind the Creighton.
19:59:32 Cdr_Khevok ++ LtCmdr_Danaen ++   Good work.
19:59:37 CaptDXiaoyen =/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=     
19:59:43 LtCmdr_Danaen ::paused::
19:59:45 LtjgJJKim ::PAUSED::
19:59:45 LtJg_NightWing ;;paused;;
19:59:50 EnsDasreLebaun ::pause::
19:59:52 Cdr_Khevok :: Paused ::
19:59:55 Lt_Boerne :: Paused ::
19:59:56 EnsLisselaKeevun ::pause::
20:00:19 CaptDXiaoyen Great job everyone
20:00:24 CaptDXiaoyen Damn nice build up of events, Commander.
20:00:27 CaptDXiaoyen ::Claps::
20:00:33 Cdr_Khevok Thanks.
20:00:34 CaptDXiaoyen Okay, now time between sims, K'hevok?
20:01:10 Cdr_Khevok 2-1/2 hours enough time for the planet to rotate again, but not for the ships to reappear.
20:01:25 Cdr_Khevok That should allow for some speculation in logs.
20:02:00 Cdr_Khevok And for the Creighton  to be near
20:02:22 CaptDXiaoyen Alright. This is your baby. 
20:02:25 CaptDXiaoyen Any questions?
20:02:39 LtjgJJKim No questions, sir.
20:02:46 Lt_Boerne None
20:03:29 CaptDXiaoyen Okay, great job all. And thanks for the support! 
20:03:41 CaptDXiaoyen Commander? Any last statements, comments, etc, before you kick everyone out?
20:03:48 Cdr_Khevok LOL
20:03:58 LtJg_NightWing ;;rh;;
20:03:59 Cdr_Khevok Will two ships reappear?
20:04:16 CaptDXiaoyen Doctor?
20:04:20 Cdr_Khevok Will the 0 x 15 location still be there?
20:04:23 LtJg_NightWing all you new  people need to get  with  me for your physicals
20:04:30 Cdr_Khevok ROFL
20:04:31 CaptDXiaoyen That'd be great for joint logs.
20:04:37 CaptDXiaoyen Yes please coordinate that with the CMO.
20:04:43 CaptDXiaoyen Okay, Commander, kick em out!
20:04:50 Cdr_Khevok *DISMISSED*